7 Days to Die – Tips and Tricks for Scavenging

This guide will help you not with just starting out, but hitting the floor running. This is NOT a “How to play the game” guide. This is a specific guide into the world of scavenging and its importance.

Chapter One: The Early Days

In your early days of being a scrap lord, you’ll be rummaging through building after building, trash bag to trash bag, finding junk. This is not junk my friends. This is treasure. You see, as you find something untouched, you’ll build up your best skill. Did you guess what it is? It’s not Misc Crafting I can tell you that.

Now, you may ask yourself, why am I doing this, the answer is simple, my dear reader: Loot.

You’re just a baby scrap lord in a Scav Master’s realm, but fret not! We’ll at least make you a Junk Bandit by the end of this.

You see, stuffing your bag full of junk and scrapping it down and putting it in your favorite hidey hole is just part one. Never leave anything behind. If it is useless, drag and drop it out of any container (The Loot Gods refill them you know)

You may find yourself walking into a place where other garbage babies have been, but you’re a scrap lord. Turn the place upside down! Search and grab things that they didn’t. Chances are it’ll be untouched again immediately (Given your server’s respawn- I mean Loot God’s graces) Also, while it may seem just to hack that zombie body apart, DON’T. You see, sometimes Loot God’s buddy Loot Steve replaces things on corpses that haven’t been checked in a while. Only clear the ones that block up your hidey hole, or the ones that really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ you off, I don’t care.

Chapter 2: From Scrap Lord to Junk Bandit

Now my half bear mauled infected Scrap Lords…I’ll teach you the tricks to the real stuff.

Houses: Look for scrap metal plates on the ground, if you see air and not floor, open her up, a bag be there.

Cars: Usually not worth your time until your banditing, but we’ll get back to that.

Crates: A Savvy Scav Master knows that in any store there’s crates, but some, you gotta smash to get at. Remember, if you can’t press E, smash up that B.

Gas Pumps: I don’t care if you don’t have a minibike yet, get gas. Stockpile it, barrels and all.

Treasure Maps: A real Scav Master goes for these, but he knows when to get them. Young Scrap Lord, it’s not your time until….

LEVEL UP: I don’t care if you like that pistol and wanna make zombies into the Venus Di Milo. Dump Points into Scavenge like it’s Bows in Skyrim. You just evolved into a Junk Bandit….kinda. When you finally have it around 60 or so, you’re banditing.

Now…You can go forth and harvest cars, and zombies, and anything you can fit your hands in because now you’re finding the good stuff, kid.

In our next chapter, we tell you the secrets other scavers don’t want you to know…and his name is Joe.

Chapter 3: The Walking Junkyard

Before you read this chapter, be at least a Junk Bandit. No Garbage Babies or Scrap Lords here.

Time to meet Joe. Quality Joe. You’re gonna level that up until it says you can’t anymore.

Joe’s a nice guy. He’s Loot God’s best bud and blesses all junk heaps with crap you didn’t even expect.

Why was that trash bag full of schematics and bullets? Joe.
Why was that stump hiding a 600 quality axe? Joe.
How in the hell do I have all these high tier guns and gun parts? Steve, not really. Still Joe.

Now my little bandit, it’s time to level your game up. By now you’ve been sitting on your laurels, getting decent stuff, maybe Joe’s blessed you a bit…but now. It’s time to become a master of your domain.

But Scav Master, how do? You ask? Simple. What was the point of all of this scavving until our backpacks ripped open at the sheer weight of iron and brass we were carrying? Well, beyond the obvious reasons of high quality gear and an easy lifestyle early on, it also nets you Dukes, and you know who loves Dukes? Those a-holes that Joel hired at his shops.

A true Scav Master knows when it’s time to start boosting barter like it was scavenge, because not only will you get the best deals, you’re doling out the best loot too.

I can’t steel smith they say…Can you buy it!? But I can’t make cement…You can buy that too!

Not only will scaving net you immediate rewards in your early days…but also your post apocalypse pension. While your friends are out dying to packs of dogs, you’ll be mad that you have so much ammo for your level 600 shotgun that you can’t indulge your instinct to loot…and that my children…Is when your journey is complete.

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