Monster Prom – Secret Ending (Punching the Sun)

Just a little walkthrough with a few ways on how to punch the sun with everyones favourite prince of hell.

How to Get the Secret Ending (Punching the Sun)

So, to get started, know that the easiest way to get this is to boost your bold stat pretty consistenly, and then throw some points towards either charm or creativity as a secondary stat, then either smarts or fun for your third.

These stat boosts can be gained depending on which answers you pick during the quiz, just make sure you select Damien’s answer for the third question! Obviously… 

As expected, you need to trigger the first event. (For some reason, this always occured at the auditorium for me, and I played through this ending three consecutive times) (after publishing this guide, the number has gone up to seven, and I’ve gone through all the possible answers).

Here, Scott and Damien will be arm wrestling:

  • Suggest punching the sun (Bold) 
  • The other answer will not unlock the “quest” to punch the sun… 

Next, Damien asks how he will get to the sun:

  • Check WikiHow (Smarts) 
  • Rent the school spaceship (Bold) 

Third, confrontation with the coven:

  • Convince them that the sun is the real big bad (Charm) 
  • Forge a prophecy (Creative) 

Finally, motivate Damien to achieve his goals!:

  • Surprise the sun by attacking at night (Fun) 
  • Check for answers on the internet (Smarts) 

Now you’re ready to ask Damien to prom! Enjoy!

Monster Prom - Secret Ending (Punching the Sun)

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