SCP: Secret Laboratory – SCP-939 Guide

A gameplay guide on the new SCP-939.

Where It Spawns

SCP-939 spawns in Heavy Containment at the bottom of this room.

SCP: Secret Laboratory - SCP-939 Guide
SCP: Secret Laboratory - SCP-939 Guide

How to Play as SCP-939

SCP-939 sees everyone based on sound. If a player is running or using voice chat you will be able to see them even through walls . Even though he sees based on sound the Intercom and alarms DO NOT affect him.

  • If they aren’t making any sound then you cannot see them.
  • The time you can see other players lasts for 3 seconds after they make any kind of noise (including gunshots).
  • Shift to sprint as SCP.
  • SCP-939 can also talk to players by using the V button.

SCP-939 is very powerful when paired with another SCP because it causes the enemy to have to run away which makes them visible to you and easier to locate.

Even with all these strengths, SCP-939 still has weaknesses and these includes:

  • Grenades (Impair vision severely)
  • Walking.

The next section will talk about how you can survive an attack by this SCP.

How to Avoid SCP-939

SCP-939 cannot see you if you hold C and walk unless he is right on top of you. The best way to avoid him is to not use the mic and walk very slowly using C.

You can also try to blind him by using a grenade.

Scp-939 may also try to convince you that he is on your team by using voice chat. In this case if you are NTF or Chaos ask him to read the code in the upper right hand corner of your screen.If he reads it off correctly he is probably on your side. If it turns out to be the SCP then someone on your team sided with him and told him the code.

Other than that, just be very careful.

Written by Zef

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