Kenshi – Improve Performance

Do you have a NASA computer but still have Kenshi crashing and instable frames? Do you have a Coal Powered computer and struggle to run Kenshi? What about a low framerate? Do you have screen tearing? If you anwsered yes in your mind to at least one question, follow two easy methods further in this guide to have a stable Kenshi experience.

You can choose a combination of those methods or only choose one method – whichever works best for you.

Method 1: Display Settings

  • 1) Right click on desktop.
  • 2) Select ‘Display Settings’ if on Windows 10. Select ‘Screen Resolution’ if on Windows 7.
  • 3) Select 1066×768 under ‘Resolution’.
  • 4) Run Kenshi in windowed without borders at the launch menu. In this resolution it will run just as in full screen.

Now your computer can display Kenshi with 20% more efficiency!

Method 2: Less Foliage and Rocks Mod

  • This mod removes much of the fauna in Kenshi. 

A lot of people miss the old Kenshi build where most land was barren. Do you need extra frames or crashing during gameplay? Want the old Kenshi feel back? Thanks to Ashlander001, this mod is there waiting for you. The mod solely belongs to Ashalander001, In my opinion it is one of the most useful mods so I’ve decided to share.

Method 3: No Shadows and V-Sync ON

The most common cause of frame problems and crashing in games generally are the in-game shadows. It is the bane of most computers, no matter the specs. Simply go to the settings panel in-game and lower the shadows to nil.

Having V-sync on is like telling your computer to run, walk, run, sprint, repeatedly – it drives the computer insane. Just tell it to do jogging instead by turning V-sync on.

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