Kenshi – Proper Hunting Guide

A complete guide to proper hunting.

Guide to Become A Master Hunter

Why Learn to Hunt?

Ever notice all those starving wretches out there? There are tons of them, right?

Well this guide will teach you how not to be like them.


In order to hunt properly you’ll need to buy yourself the appropriate gear first.

The Essentials:

  • Goggles.
  • Longs (bolts).
  • Eagle’s Cross (masterwork).

Recommended Extras:

  • 4x Meatwraps.
  • Cactus Rum.
  • Wooden Sandals.


A good hunter will likely acquire a large amount of game while in the field. As such it’s important to be able to carry your prizes home with you.

For this you should employ,

  • A contingent of highly trained guards to defend you and your property.
  • Several slaves to carry everything, including you.

Choosing Your Prey and Bringing It Down

While peasants are fun enough, the true thrill of hunting comes from pursuing their more crafty cousins – escaped slaves.

Roam around until your find some, or you get bored.

If you find some, unload on them until they drop.

If your crossbow somehow impedes your marksmanship by missing an otherwise perfectly aimed shot, send a guard or two after the vermin instead. This technique is called hunting with guards, and is similar to using dogs, only it costs more time and cats.

Bringing In The Haul

Have your slaves carry the carcasses/unconscious wretches back to your house, and have your strongest guard carry you.

Skinning and Eating

Once home, have your guard place you in a comfy chair, then place any still living prey into your peeler machine.

Enjoy the show and treat yourself to a little blood rum. You’ve accomplished much after all.

Next it’s time to feast. Send a slave to the nearest bar and have them buy all the meatwraps they can carry. Once they’re done, send them outside and enjoy a quiet dinner with your guards.

If the slave was bold enough to take a meatwrap for themselves, make sure call them back in and proceed to have them peeled.


While hunting can be a fun pastime, you will inevitably get bored of it, maybe even after your first outing.

If this happens don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to do.

An arena, for example, can make for a great alternative source of entertainment.

Have your slaves build one for you and pit them against one another, or even captured beak things.

You could even combine this with your new found hunting skills and shoot whichever combatant you feel deserves it most. Just be sure to have them killed if your crossbow impedes your accuracy to the point that the perfectly timed shot you loosed somehow mysteriously manages to miss it’s mark.

Written by Lord Squint

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