The Spiral Scouts – The Death Realm Guide

This is a guide to assist you across all of the Death realm incase it is needed. There are a few harder puzzles across this area and I will try to be as detailed as possible.

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Crooked Badge

Da Hideout

The first thing you should do is walk to the ‘Vault’ and talk to the skeleton before it; retrive the note and go back to the board with the skeleton on it; look to the letters and the sheet.

You will notice there is a point where every line connects, that point matches up with a letter.

The pass is…. The password is FEDORA

The next part of this task is to walk to the vault with the newly earned key, Walk inside.

Against the backwall there are alot of numbers, The gold ones indicate ANGLES/ DEGREES.
To solve this puzzle, move the gold arrow to the degrees stated in the white; once at that amount, place the key in the corner of the white with the number it points to…

Top left: 2, Top Right: 3, Bottom Left: 5, Bottom Right: 1

Sickest Badge

Bronze Bull

To initiate this puzzle, Dig right before the BRONZE BULL grave, you will recieve a horn.

After recieving the horn, run down to the slap with the 4 stones on it; write down the colours it shows; from here run to the area to the right of the possesed girl, in here you place the bull horn on the platform and make the colours out of the torches in the corners.
After run to the book and read it out.

The next step is to run to the bronze bulls shrine, you with see a group or orbs in the middle that change colour; to solve this, read the corner graves and pay attention to the colours and body parts.

Two bottom: Green, sides: Yellow, Middle: Red, Top: Blue

LMAO Badge

The Tower

Using the slab in the back corner, go up the floors using one part of the dots between the cracks.

The answer is the following….

  • Floor 1: The three across, 2 under.
  • Floor 2: The three down, one across in the middle.
  • Floor 3: The three across only.
  • Floor 4: The three going down. 

On the top floor, match the pattern on the key.

Mother’s Badge

Missing Son

Retrive the key from the attic (go through the room with the alchemy machine) whilst there, write down the symbols on the wall.

The Spiral Scouts - The Death Realm Guide

After recieving this key, run to the building by the tower and enter. Using the symbols from the attic solve the problem…

  • Triangle: 1 
  • Circle: 2 
  • Square: 3 

So the answer to the puzzle is…

  • 475698 

The following room is an invisible maze, the following is the path…

Alchemy Badge

The Spiral Stone

Go into the “Archive” and you will spot a ring in the middle with the silly six; read from the book cases in the back and match the items with the alchemist going off the hints.

The answers are…

  • Man in the red coat: Comb.
  • Man in the light blue coat: Gun.
  • Man in the brown coat: Eyeball.
  • Man in the purple coat: Eyeball.
  • Man in the green coat: Sunscreen.
  • Man in the yellow coat: None.

Bring back the head and an orb to the alchemy machine, using the book to the right, match the noise coming from the switches to match the pattern on the page.

Composer’s Badge

Love Song

Possibly the quickest to finish, take the sheet music to the bells in the grave yard; Start from the top and use the bells to match the patterns…

  • 1: Only light left bell once.
  • 2: Light left bell again.
  • 3: Right bell once.
  • 4: Right bell once again.
  • 5: Left bell again once.
  • 6: Left bell again once.
  • 7: Middle bell once.
  • 8: Left bell again once.
  • 9: Middle bell again once.

Exorcist Badge

The Exorcism

Go into the mausoleum, and read the names of all the vases; try to see if there is a pattern.
Most notably, focus on the last names.

Answer to part one: Last names beginning with ABC: Franklin Anderson, Joseph Chandler, Pater Banks

Once at the end, read the back board and you will get this code.

1X 2Y 3Z 4X 1Y
2Z 4X 2Y 1Z 4Y

Go back and place back the vases to the line, then retry using the numbers; the letters equal the stripes, and the numer refers to the shape.. (Tip: do the 2Y’s first because they are notably the only EXACT same vase.)

The answer is… Nathan Stuart, David Fenwick, Steven Fletcher

Bring the Straw doll and the Holy Spirit back to the alchemy machine, read the book to the right of the machine and change the switches until the noise matches the pattern on the page.

Pity Badge

Silver Fox

The silver fox puzzle begins after you dig up the tail from before his grave, soon after run down to the start of the realm and fill these slots with orbs…

The Spiral Scouts - The Death Realm Guide

Write down the pattern it produces… 2313431

After run to the slab in the grave yard and write down the 4 orb colours, of which should be:

  • Purple Green.
  • Blue Purple.

Run to the ritual area and place down the tail in the center, then adding the colours using the torches in the four corners (When purple, add red and blue; when green, add yellow and blue).

Then run to the shrine, using the number from prior, go through the doors in order…

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