Graveyard Keeper – First Week Guide (Church, Tech and Workshop)

First Week. Open the Church. Get some Blue points and make a decent workshop.

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Here is a Simple Guide for Your First Week as a Graveyard Keeper

Goals for the first week

  • Open the church.
  • A decent workshop (from where you are selfsustained and can continue expanding).
  • Have a decent amount (60) of tech points at the end of the week.

With the addition of flowerbeds, the church is now quite easy to open so this will have a rather low priority.

Your workshop will include.
1 sawhorse, 1 chopping spot, 1 carpenter’s workbench, 1 furnace, and 1 wooden anvil.


I have used the wiki names for the weekdays, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Sloth.

All the npcs come and go on clockwork except the donkey who got a mind of his own.

The guide assumes his first delivery is on merchant day, but if that is not the case just skip that part and weave it in when he makes his appearance.

Hopefully he also has made two deliveries after the tutorial, because we will want 3 silver during day of Sloth. But I included a backup plan in case he only makes one delivery.

Also the timing for all of this isn’t that narrow, you have a decent amount of room to catch up if you would slightly fall behind. Just make sure you visit the people on the correct day and during day time.

First Day, Day of Pride

After the tutorial when you get your tools don’t immediately go to the Village, instead head back home.

Clear out your yard (6 dead bushes and 1 rock).
Chop down 5 trees and dig up their stumps.

You should be out of energy so go get some sleep (when you wake up you get a new quest, ignore it for now).

Day of Lust

It probably still is some night time left but head east towards the village, don’t forget to read the broken workstation in the garden so you can unlock the garden by talking with the Innkeeper.

First stop is the Inn, here you should talk with the Innkeeper, Ms Charm and Vagner (if you get there early you might have to wait for a little bit to trigger the scene with Ms Charm).

Sell your Burial Certificate to the Innkeeper.

Head south east to the Blacksmith and do his quest with the slimes.

  • Buy 1x Iron Ingot

Head back to the Innkeeper and get a free beer (Gerry wants this).

Before heading back home make a visit to the farmer (located south of the wheat field) ask about farming to learn some recipes.

  • Buy 1x Flour and 4x Carrot Seeds.

On your way back home collect some Red Flowers (you should find 4 along the road).
Once home enable your garden and plant those seeds (4 seeds is for 1 plot).

Collect 2 buckets of water and use them to get just water.

Clear the cellar. While clearing the cellar you got some more flour, use it all to make dough and use 10 sticks for the Oven and start making bread.

Get some sleep.

Day of Gluttony

Tech, time to learn Sawing and Firewood.

You should have 10 sticks, if not cut down some tree until you do.

Make the Sawhorse and 6 Wooden Billets. Make the Chopping spot and 6 Firewood.

Use 2 Firewood to fuel the Oven and bake the rest of your bread.

Spend the rest of your energy collecting stone. Restore energy by sleeping then head down to the mortuary, you should get a corpse around now.

Tech, learn Softspares and Hardspares.

Autopsy the new corpse (remove blood and fat) and bring it to the -3 grave in the lower right corner of the graveyard. Exhume that corpse (3 red and 1 white) and put the new one there.

Bring the old corpse back to the mortuary, and remove the skull, skin and bone from it. Also give Gerry his beer. Dump the corpse in the river.

Head back home and rest until full energy.

Day of Envy

Now it’s time to get the smithy up and running.

Start by crafting 6 Flitch and 3 Wooden Billets, make 1 of them into 6 Firewood.

It’s important that you first make the Wooden Anvil so learn Primitive Smithing.
Next craft Small Iron Parts from the Iron Ingot you bought earlier.
Construct the Furnace.

Just north of your home are some Iron nodes, mine one of them and start smelting iron (10 Firewood lets you smelt 3 Iron Ingots).

There should still be a lot of daytime left. Head to the graveyard and start cleaning it up, also repair some of the graves (the stone gravestones, 1 stone fence (Not the leftmost ones) and two wooden crosses).

You won’t have enough energy for all this but just eat some of that bread you have.

Get some sleep.

Day of Wrath

Tech, learn Woodworking (you probably are short a few red points, cut down some trees and dig up the stumps).
Construct the Workbench

Visit the Inquisitor to progress his story.

Rest of the day you can spend on whatever, but make sure you have 10 stones saved and at least 3 logs in backup. You can also spend some time collecting red flowers (you need a total of 10 on the upcoming Pride day).

Now comes an important part, if your donkey has been lazy and only delivered one corpse so far, this night is the last chance to get your second certificate in time. That is why you want to have 3 logs stored as backup. If he doesn’t deliver a corpse get up in the night, craft 9 billets and make 54 firewood.

Day of Sloth

Time to visit the astrologer, make sure to bring the skull you got earlier and hopefully 2 certificates, otherwise 1 certificate, 54 firewood and 5 bread.

It’s a long way there so head out early, you won’t be spending a lot of energy this day.

Go to the Inn to sell your certificates (or 1 Certificate, 54x firewood and 5x bread).

Continue east and you will find Dig, talk with him and buy 1x Seed Oil.

East, south east from Dig you will find the lighthouse and the Astrologer. Talk with him and buy 2x Clean Papers.

On your way back home make a stop at the dairy farm (north of the inn) and buy 5x Peat from the man there.
Just west of here is a beekeeper and around there a decent number of red flowers, in case you need more. (You need a total of 10 red flowers (including those you gathered earlier)).

Also visit the Farmer and buy another 4x Carrot Seeds.

Plant the seeds.

Day of Pride

Time to open the church. You should bring 2 clean papers, 3 body parts, 10 stones, 10 red flowers and 5 peat.

Place the flowerbeds, talk with the Bishop and after the sermon head down to the cellar and use the table there, first the 2 papers to get some science points then study the 3 body parts to get 60 blue orbs.

A few days after you open the church the donkey will start making demands, that is why you have bought the seed oil and carrots (if you have a lot of excess carrots they are decent to bake).

End of Week One

Now it’s up to you how you want to progress.

Personally, I would recommend getting your tools upgraded and the church interior to at least 10 during your second week (higher interior rating generates more faith it also increases success chance for your sermons). Faith is in my opinion more important than money at this stage of the game.

Two other techs that might be of interest is the ability to make your own paper so you can generate science points, and the crematorium so you don’t waste bad bodies.

Good Luck with your graveyard!

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