Civilization VI – God-Like Achievement Guide

This guide will show how to get the God-Like achievement (as well as some others) with a domination victory.


There are already a number of guides on how to get this achievement but I wanted to write this one to show another method. This method is good for people who aren’t the greatest at Civ but don’t want to flat out cheat.

With this method we are going for a domination victory.


Start Options

Map Type/Size: Huge, Island Plates. This will give us room to work and lots of water for a tactical advantage. It will also let us get the Island Hopping achievement for winning a domination victory on a huge island plates map.

Start Era: Information Era so that we will have access to the most advanced units (will still have to do some research to unlock them but not much)

Victories: You don’t have to, but to make it easier. disable all victories except domination and turn off the turn limiter

Players: Depending on how hard you want things you can reduce the number of rivals. Obviously, one rival will be the easiest. Gandhi is the easiest rival as he will not attack you without provocation.

Setting Up Your Cities

You want to start founding cities and get campuses set up so you can do the small amount of research you’ll need. Unit-wise, we just need nuclear subs and nuclear missiles. Modern Armor is not required but nice. You may also want industrial zones and harbors to facilitate building the army and you defiantly want some commercial hubs to pay for said army. Luckily, starting in the Information Era makes building districts much faster. The only resource we’ll need to get in our cities is uranium. One source works but two is better.

Building Your Army

If going against one player all you have to do is take his/her capital. Since we’re on an island plates map it should be near the coast and well open to a naval attack. You really only need 1 army (I’d make a modern armor army if you can), 1 (but preferably 2) armadas of nuclear subs and 1 nuclear missile. If you build 1 army and 2 armadas you will get the Oneth By Land Twoeth By Sea achievement so you may as well build 2 armadas. You can build more nukes but one works.

Going For Victory

From here, if you already haven’t: find the rival’s capital, then nuke it, then send in your army to claim victory. You want to attack quickly before they have time to build up an army. Even if they have an army a quick strike should mean you’ll get victory before they can do anything about it. However, if you do mean to wait (for some reason) make sure that you built enough units to match their military.

Video Guide

I’ve also done a video guide for this which you can view here.

Achievements This guide Will get You

You’ll get more than the God-Like achievement so here is a complete list:

  • God-Like (and any other difficulty achievements not yet gotten) for winning on Deity.
  • Dirty Dozen for playing on a Huge map.
  • The Taste of Victory for playing on an Island Plates map.
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici for winning a Domination victory.
  • Island Hopping for winning a Domination victory on a Huge Island Plates map.
  • Through the Digital Age for our Information Age start.
  • Oneth By Land Twoeth By Sea for building one Army and two Armadas
    (The last two are because of the leader I used and the very last is explained in the video).
  • Katsu! for winning as Hojo Tokimune (Japan).
  • Meiji Restoration for building a circle of Districts and then putting one in the middle as Japan.

Written by Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing.

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