Civilization VI – Gifts of the Nile Deity Difficulty (As Egypt)

This guide will tell you how to win as Egypt (Cleopatra) in Gifts Of the Nile on deity difficulty.

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Early Game, Invasion

Starting out, I built my army up. You don’t want to go to war with Nubia for as long as possible. Nubia is to your south, and it is possible to win without going to war with them. Make sure when you get policy’s, that you select policy’s that will boost your attack, but you will want to change this in the mid game. You will want to quickly invade all of the city’s north along the Nile river up to the mouth. Really focus on getting the chariot archers early game. Slingers are good to start with, with a set of one or two spearmen. After you invaded to the mouth, those units will come in handy when others such as Libya attempt to attack.

Mid Game, Holy Sites and Faith Points

After Conquering those city’s, you are gonna want to follow the skill trees that get all of the holy site additions, because the temples are the last ones and need all the other parts purchased with faith first. Make sure you select policy’s that boost your faith first, then combat now. When building the holy site in each city, make sure that holy site has the most sides touching the Nile because that brings in more faith per touching side, and that is the currency you will need to get to the temple. In mid game, you are also gonna want to make sure you have some currency coming in too, as I went bankrupt end game and struggled to defend against barbarian chariots. You have plenty of turns o get the temples so don’t rush to much and make sure you have plenty of income too. (I finished with 89 turns).

End Game, Temples

After you have all the holy sites, you are gonna want to start spending your faith points of holy site parts. Yo need to buy the obelisks and shrines first before u can purchase the temples. Really, after all the holy sites are built (All 7) and the don’t need repair, you can quickly build all of these structures FAST. Also, the temple still counts if it is in need of repair from barbarians AFTER you built the temple. After building the 7 temples, the game ends as a victory no matter what turn you are on.


This task of winning on deity anything in Civ 6 sounds difficult, but in Gifts Of the Nile, the beginning is CRUCIAL to the outcome. Only focus on city’s among the Nile. After you have 7 or more city’s captured and built among the Nile, it was shockingly easy to finish off the game with the 7 temples built. As long as you focus on military and faith, with some concern on money, you should not have trouble winning. Good luck!

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