Strange Brigade – Harbin’s Dig Site (Level Guide)

A comprehenisve guide to the Harbin’s Dig Site level in Strange Brigade.

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Harbin’s Dig Site

You begin the level with two objectives:

  • Discover what happened to Harbin.
  • Reach Harbin’s outpost.

When heading down any pathway you might want to consider checking all nooks and crannies for treasure and items that may benefit you during your mission. Many gateways can be accessed by shooting parts that are glowing red so do not think the passage is impossible to get through!

Strange Brigade - Harbin's Dig Site (Level Guide)

Continue on through where you will come to an opening. You will need to explore this area in order to discover a scarab key that will aid in the opening of a door that leads to the next stage of the mission.

Areas and items of interest:

  • Look for blue eye targets which you will need to shoot in order to gain access to certain areas. 
  • Special doors that may require some level of problem solving to open. 
  • Traps that can be shot at in order to activate. 

Once you have activated the gate with the scarab key proceed on through where you will battle an array of bloodthirsty enemies. Use the surrounding area to put space between you and the undead in order to prevent an untimely death! Make sure also to scour the area once they are destroyed for any hidden treasures or weapons as they will aid in a speedier dispatch of your undead foes.

A Prodigious Panorama.

Strange Brigade - Harbin's Dig Site (Level Guide)

Make your way to another opening where a huge blue crystal shard will appear through the floor. Stand nearby and activate with your amulet to set off an undead barrage. Once dispatched you will be able to pass through the doors that were previously mystically guarded.

Head on through making sure to make use of the numerous traps along the way! You will eventually be lead to Harbin’s actual dig site.

Strange Brigade - Harbin's Dig Site (Level Guide)

Here you will have to again use your wit in order to discover another scarab key to open the passage way to your right. Make sure to search for the blue eye targets hidden within the foliage.

Areas and items of interest:

  • Look for hieroglyphics that will aid in the opening of special doors in this area! 
  • The relics you find will provide you with much needed tokens for amulet acquisition. 

Once the scarab key has been indeed discovered, head over to the plinth in front of the door and reacquaint it to allow for passage through.

Once inside you will discover the gruesome fate of Harbin. Before you lies a large floor puzzle. Use your cunning in order to pass on through to the next stage!

The Queens Chamber.

Strange Brigade - Harbin's Dig Site (Level Guide)

Upon entering the chamber you will be greeted by the frightening spirit of Seteki. As you head down the stairwell you will be faced with a variety a Seteki’s guard who will seek to end your adventure abruptly. Keep moving within the chamber in order to defeat them. Try aiming for the head to guarantee a quicker death. Clearing the chamber of enemies will mark the completion of the first level of Strange Brigade!

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