Strange Brigade – Gameplay Tips

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Remember to Absorb Souls!

All credit goes to Rebellion!

It’s easy to forget you have the power to harness souls in order to build up a powerful finishing move. Keep a tab on your amulet status then deliver a devastating attack on multiple enemies when it is fully charged!

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips


The undead are surprisingly durable. By aiming for their head you can deal way more damage and down your enemies much more effectively.

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

Keep an Eye Open for Collectibles!

Hidden in the dark corners of the map will be various items, that when collected can reap great rewards! Listen out for the meow of a cat, which signifies the presence of a Sphynx statue. By shooting these you will gain access to a special room containing untold amounts of treasure!

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Surrounded by a horde of enemies with no way out? Use your roll ability to throw yourself away from danger and into a position where you can strike more effectively.

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

Bombs Away!

The Strange Brigade all have explosive items at their disposal. They can all cause various forms of devastation, but more importantly, to multiple enemy. A huge benefit is that they have a respawn time and you have an infinite amount to use in the field. Be mindful of this respawn rate and toss into a huge crowd to ensure maximum casualties.

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

Gem Up!

Some treasure chests will gift special gems, which you can attach to your guns to, add certain traits and boosts the power of your weapon. Some gems can temporarily freeze your enemies, others can ignite on impact. Choose the gems best suited to your playstyle.

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

If It Glows Red – Shoot It!

Red barrels explode when shot at! This is beneficial for two reasons. One, they can take out large groups of enemies that are shambling nearby. Two they can reveal secret areas of the map and give access to treasure.

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

The Pistol Saviour!

It can be very easy to blast your way through all your ammo in the midst of slaying the undead. Whilst ammo caches are relatively plentiful, on the occasion you are cornered and trapped without bullet, whip out your sidearm and start squeezing off some panic rounds! Another benefit is that your pistol never runs out of ammo!

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

Know thy Enemy!

You will encounter a variety of enemies during your adventure. Understanding how they move and attack can be the difference between life and death. Some move slower in great numbers whereas some are quick and agile. Some weapons work more effectively against certain enemies.

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

Leave No Stone Unturned!

The maps in Strange Brigade are pretty vast. It can be very easy to run past secret caves, loot boxes and treasure doors. Make sure to give each map a good explore. It might be worth your while!

Strange Brigade - Gameplay Tips

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