Armello – Cry Us a River: SP Strategy

Cry Us a River: Make 3 Kills in one Turn using River’s Hero power.
A trial in RNG, this has long been considered one of Armello’s most difficult SP achievements. This strategy uses a simple combination of character choices and card management to ease the pain. It places the player’s River in as many favorable situations as possible, granting more leeway and room for error.

Suggested DLC

Usurpers & Rivals

Reasoning: Three low health rats are required for this strategy. Pick up at least one of these packs, to gain access to Sargon and/or Griotte.


  • Start a standard Singleplayer match.
  • Select River as the playable character, and equip her with Celestite and Sprint.
  • Select Zosha, Sargon, and Griotte as the AI opponents. Equip them all with Turquoise and Spoil. (Mercurio can be substituted if one of the suggested DLC is missing, but he is not ideal).

Reasoning: River’s equipment is primarily focused on movement. It grants more AP and freedom, giving the player better access to the board.

The opponents all start with 4 Body, and lose one heart each dawn due to Spoil. The Rate Clan ring Turquoise is a damage deterrent, as the AI tends to be incompetent at living. This setup often leaves them meandering with 1 heart.

Armello - Cry Us a River: SP Strategy


Begin the match by choosing a Wit quest if possible. As the match progresses, focus on Wit and Spirit quests. Likewise, prioritize any treasure or follower that boosts Wit or Spirit. The most important followers to watch out for are Apprentice and Warlock. The most important treasures are Helm of Heroes, Masquerade Mask, and Wyldfyre Staff.

None of these cards are necessary, but they are helpful.

Armello - Cry Us a River: SP Strategy


Draw cards exclusively from the Spell deck. Depending on the result, do the following:

  • Teleport: Super important, save this card.
  • Evil Eye, Focus: Cast these to boost River’s Wit or Spirit respectively. Focus should be cast before Dusk.
  • Haste: Cast this to River when there is a grouping of two or more characters on the board with 1 HP.
  • Any Damage Spell: Cast these to any nearby NPCs, to reduce their HP to 1. Bear in mind, all opponents will lose 1HP every dawn. Avoid damaging the King’s Guard, unless River can safely suicide to clear the bounty.
  • Banish, Blizzard, Malice Rising, Tanglevine: Cast these to control or limit opponent and NPC movement.
  • Any Other Card: Burn or cast ASAP. 

Armello - Cry Us a River: SP Strategy


Play the quest and card strategies until Teleport is drawn. From this point on, always end turns with 1AP remaining to activate Sprint. Additionally, maintain enough magic to cast Teleport.

The hunt has begun, keep an eye out for any grouping of three characters on the board. The grouping doesn’t have to be tight, they must simply be accessible with River’s 4AP (Or more if Haste is active). There are a few outcomes when hunting for groups this way:

  • All three characters have 1HP: Teleport near them. River will have plenty of AP to take them out.
  • Two characters have 1HP: Teleport adjacent to a 1HP character and a healthy character. Attack the healthy one. If they are reduced to 1HP, use River’s remaining AP to eliminate all three characters. If they are not reduced to 1HP, exit the game and continue from the last checkpoint. This can be repeated as many times as necessary to get the correct outcome. If there is no viable outcome, reset from the last checkpoint and continue hunting.
  • One or fewer characters have 1HP: Ignore this group and continue hunting. 

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