House Party – All Item Locations

Guide on all items and where their location is in the House Party game.

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  • Spoon on microwave.
  • Whipped Cream in fridge – use ‘ctrl’ to move stuff around with the hand.
  • Bathroom Key by sink.
  • Sausage in fridge.
  • Coffee in fridge.
  • Soda in fridge.


  • Natty Lite on shelf.
  • Cell phone Jammer on workbench.

Living Room (Dance Floor)

  • Natty Lite behind speaker.
  • Mysterious Key on mantle (Goes to masterbed room).


  • Nothing.

Living Room with TV

  • Natty Lite by chair/window.

Room with Frank

  • Rachel’s Thermos.
  • Liquor bottles.
  • Empty vodka bottle to use at faucet.

Downstairs Bathroom

  • Towel.

Master Bedroom

  • Natty Lite on shelf.

Bathroom in the Master Bedroom

  • Cell Phone on sink.
  • Pain Killers behind bathroom door.

Closet in Master Bedroom

  • Eye Drops on shelf.
  • Camera on shelf.
  • Diary in is located in the safe.

Laundary Room

  • Wine on shelf/closet to the right once you enter.

Room with Rocking Chair

  • Nothing.

Closet in Room with Rocking Chair

  • Nothing.

Bathroom Upstairs

  • Natty Lite behind hamper/laundary basket.

Children’s Bedroom with Loft Bed

  • Pencil on desk.

Computer Room

  • USB 2.0 Drive on safe.
  • Paper on the desk.
  • SD Card on desk.
  • Natty Lite to the left of the desk.

Items People Carry

  • Patrick, the alcoholic, has a bottle of Merlot/wine – get Frank to beat him up so he drops it.
  • The girl in the computer room, Brittney, has Patrick’s phone.
Written by Chief Keef

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