Pathfinder: Kingmaker – How to Defeat Tartuccio (The Kamikaze Strategy)

An amusing way I found of defeating Tartuccio during the battle at the Sycamore.

Blaze of Glory!

Seeing as how so many people are having trouble with Tartuccio and the Sycamore, I’ve decided to write this simple guide on a clever (if somewhat reckless) way of defeating him. It’s quick, it’s easy and if you do it correctly, the boss will handle most of the fight for you!

The first thing players will probably notice when entering this boss battle is that it’s like a knife fight in a cupboard. The door locks behind you, trapping you in a small space with an army of Kobolds who look ready to mess up your day. And behind them all stands Tartuccio, in his purple kobold disguise.

The second thing players will probably notice is that Tartuccio is a bit of a moron, because the first thing he does in this battle is start casting a Fireball spell! Although in his defense, Sorcerers don’t really need intelligence in order to cast spells…

Now anybody who’s familiar with D&D knows that Fireball is bad news, especially since this battle is probably taking place at a point in the game where your own party can only cast up to 2nd level spells. But don’t worry, because Tartuccio has almost quite literally shot himself in the foot with this strategy!

As I said, this is a tiny room, and Fireball has a 20 foot explosive radius that hits everything within range, including friendly fire! And to make things even better, the army of kobolds he has with him are scattered around the room, instead of clustered into a scaley shield wall. This gives you the opening you need to pull off the Kamikaze strategy.

Once the battle begins, command your entire party to immediately rush Tartuccio, while ignoring every other Kobold in the room. The army is spread out enough that your team is able to run right past them, which causes the Kobolds to begin chasing you back towards Tartuccio’s direction.

Now for the beautiful part, Tartuccio should be in the process of casting Fireball, except that the people he was targeting are now directly on top of him. So what does he decide to do?

He casts the Fireball at point blank range, causing it to literally explode in his face! But that’s not all, because the size of the explosion should be large enough that he also blows up his own army who were rushing to help him!

Now depending on your level, equipment and difficulty settings, there’s a good chance most of your party survived the spell, but Tartuccio’s minions are not so lucky. Kobolds are weak enough that anybody who got hit with that Fireball is probably dead, or on the verge of death.

With Tartuccio reeling from the 6D6 Fireball he just shot himself with, and most of his army reduced to crispy, Kobold burgers, you should have a much easier time killing him!

Written by GrandMajora

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