One Hour One Life – Starting Recipes

This will just be a quick list of important recipes for getting started, along with some helpful hints.

Basic Components and Recipes

  • + : combinding items
  • * : onto item
  • -> : result

Round Stone

  • Useful as a tool, and turning into other tools.
  • Stone * Big Hard Rock -> Sharp Stone


If harvested at the fruiting(yellow fruit on it). Gives milkweed stalk.
Milkweed Stalk x2 -> Thread
Thread x2 -> Rope

Straight Branch

Can be found on trees.
Sharp Stone * Straight Branch -> Long Straight Shaft
Sharp Stone * Long Straight Shaft -> Short Shaft

Small Curved Branch

Can be found on trees.
Sharp Stone * Small Curved Branch -> Small Curved Shaft
Rope + Small Curved Shaft -> Bow Drill Bow
Short Shaft + Bow Drill Bow


Flint, common in grassland and badlands.
Sharp Stone * Flint -> Flint Chips
Flint Ship * Long Straight Shaft -> Wooden Tongs

Tule Reeds

Plants found in swamps.
Sharp Stone * Tule Reeds -> Reed Bundle
Reed Bundle x2 -> Basket

Clay Pit

Common in swamp biome, only source of clay. Contain 5 clay, one more with shovel.
Clay + Reed Bundle -> Adobe
Stone * Clay -> Wet Clay Bowl


Plant found in grasslands.
Sharp Stone * Sapling -> Skewer
Round Stone * Skewer -> Home Marker
Home Marker acts as a compass for you to find your way back.

Stone Hatchet

Tool needed for fire making, by being able to make kindling.
Rope + Short Staff -> Tied Short Shaft
Sharp Stone + Tied Short Shaft -> Stone Hatchet


Needed for fires. Can be made from branches, wood, or dead plants.
Stone Hatchet * branch/wood/dead plants -> kindling

Adobe Kiln

3 Adobe (Reed Bundle + Clay) x3

Adobe Oven Base (Round Stone * Adobe)

Adobe Kiln (Adobe * Oven Base) then (Adobe * Oven)


  • Use Fire Bow Drill on Long Straight Shaft.
  • Use leaf (from maple tree) on that Long Straight Shaft to collect the ember on the leaf.
  • Use that ember leaf on Tinder (from Juniper Tree).
  • After 5 seconds Smoldering Tinder turns into Burning Tinder.
  • Add Kindling to burning tinder. 

Can transfer fire to other kindling by using a Long Straight Shaft on a current fire, then using that on new kindling.

  • Place Kindling in Kiln and transfer fire to it.
  • Use Wooden Tongs and pick up a Wet Clay Bowl. 
  • Use that on Kiln to create a Clay Bowl.
  • Clay Bowl can be used to water crops.


Written by bmrgould

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