One Hour One Life – How to Start the Apocalypse

Please note: all credit goes to Bamboogummy!

Do you ever think that the gameplay experience is getting too boring and there just isn’t a challenge anymore? Start the apocalypse to reset everything back to the wilderness, so everyone will have to yet again build civilizations from scratch.

Guide to Starting the Apocalypse

The First Preparations

First off, you will need to make sure you have a medium-skinned person (the color of person that can enter the jungle comfortably!), and if you aren’t medium-skinned, blonde or brunette, get a blondie or brunette to translate for you.

To start the apocalypse, you will need to bloody a couple knives, so make sure you find a person or two willing to be stabbed. Perhaps make a couple sterile wool pads and needles and threads so you can heal the sacrifice rather than let them die.

The Endstone

Now that you’ve finished the first preparations, it’s time to craft the Endstone. To craft the Endstone, you must bloody the knife by stabbing one of your sacrifices. To stab them, you will now need a posse of at least three people in most cases, so make sure you have a couple other people in on the apocalypse to join your posse. If you prepared the correct medical supplies, healing your sacrifice would, first of all, be nice, and would also ensure that you could stab the same sacrifice again without losing them and having to find another sacrifice.

Now, you or your medium-skinned friend must find a Dark Nosaj, which is pictured below! Make sure the person going into the jungle has the bloodied knife, else they would have to go back and grab the knife before crafting the Endstone.

Once you or your medium-skinned friend find the Dark Nosaj, insert the bloodied knife into the Dark Nosaj to form a Live Nosaj with an Endstone inside it, which can then be taken. The endstone is the little red ball inside the Live Nosaj.

Triggering the Apocalypse

Now that you have the Endstone, craft an Endblock by using a chisel on a stone block, and then hitting the stone block with a mallet. Once the Endblock is crafted, you can insert the Endstone into the Endblock.

Now, take the Endblock and add it to a regular stone block to create an Endtower base. Once 6 hours have passed, the Endblock will begin to seep a red liquid and a world-wide warning noise will sound. Add another Endblock and wait another 6 hours for it to start seeping, and keep doing so until four Endblocks total have been placed and have started seeping.

Finally, once all four Endblocks have been placed atop the Endtower, bloody another knife and insert it into the Endtower to begin the Apocalypse. Everyone will die, with death cause being “The Apocalypse” and the whole world will be wiped, reverted back to the wilderness.

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