X4: Foundations – How to Get Unlimited Money (Cheat)

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How to Get Unlimited Money

If u were like me and want to get started on making station’s & buying ships well you are in the right spot.
So here is a few steps to get you on the way to a Glory & Profit’s $$$.

  • 1) Ok so open the save file in Notepad (Documents > EgoSoft > X4 > # File > Save File).
  • 2) If you saved after switching off compress save files you won’t need to extract the save file, you will be able to open it just in Notepad.
  • 3) First thing to change is right at the top after <player name=”*****” Location=”**** money=” Change the number after money=”
  • 4) Do CTRL+F and find account id, next to each of these there is amount=”***** change this to the same as the first amount you entered in 3. I think this is linked to how many ships you have so there may be 1 or 2 or a lot more if you already bought ships justmake sure you’ve searched for all of them.
  • 5) Then do a search for stat id=”money and change the value at the end of this string to the same as all the rest.
  • 6) Save and close the document and then load up the save in X4 and you should now have the amount of money you changed it too.

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