Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Maze Map

This guide is to help players navigate the maze that is the second optional dungeon.

Maze Details

The maze has a lot of stuff in it, here’s a short list of everything you need to know.

  • To summarize what the characters say in-game, the maze has 2 rooms that power the mines and contain puzzles, and you can find the boss by following the tire tracks on the floor.
  • The 2 ladders leading into the puzzle rooms will be blocked by enemies that can make the ladders hard to see.
  • There are 6 treasure chests scattered throughout the maze. Finding all 6 will give the player an achievement.
  • There are 5 places to fight enemies, and 4 new enemies in the mines.
  • Three of the new enemies are bombs like the nuke. The Acid Bomb has a 70% resistance to stun, the Earthquake Bomb has a 70% resistance to freeze, and the Shockwave Bomb has a 70% resistance to stun and freeze making it the most dangerous.
  • Right before the boss is a 6th fight with a variety of robot enemies.
  • The boss, Neon Valhalla, heals a large amount of health every turn, in addition to being able to spawn any of the new enemies from the mine. This boss cannot be captured.

Map #1

Map #2

  • Room = X
  • Exit Room = Blue
  • Boss Room = Purple
  • Treasure = Yellow
  • Enemy = Red
  • Obstacle = Brown
  • Puzzle = P
  • Fake Border (Teleports you back to other side of map) = !
  • Boss Track Direction = ><^V

Created by Karnettech!

Map #3

Nazi Dungeon Maze Map…

Created by RB!

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