X4: Foundations – Quick Money Start Guide (Kingdoms End)

Here, I will discuss a simple strategy to making a fast few million with very little trouble right from the start.

Guide to Quick Money Start

All credit goes to I3DI!


I’ve been playing X4 since before it’s official release. With this latest release, 6.0, I thought I would give a strategy to making a quick few million from the start of X4. For this guide I will use the Argon – The Young Gun, but, the strategy can be adapted for other scenarios.

Crystal Mining

From the initial Argon start sector, head to Second Contact II – Flashpoint. Spend some time hunting crystals among the asteroids. Bandenite, if your lucky, might find a blue, yellow or orange while your at it. Once you have about 500,000 credits worth of crystals, I find about thirty minutes is adequate as long as you go non-stop, sell the crystals. Now your on your way to the real money maker.

The Strategy

Hatikvah’s Choice, is just beyond Argon Prime. In this sector is a highly contested gate thru which XEN and a couple other enemy races tend to come thru. Also, you can proceed to the gate leading to Faulty Logic I and employ this. Stop at Argon Prime and buy at least 30 laser turrets. Hire a captain for your ship, if you have not already.

Now, send your pilot to the gate of either Faulty Logic I, or Hatikvah’s Choice and begin deploying every laser, spaced, and staggered in a line leading from the gate. Insure they are not to far apart, you want your enemy taking hits from multiple points. As you deploy numerous lasers, the XEN and other hostiles the lasers destroy will drop very valuable things that are worth quite a bit. Just order your pilot to pick them up. If a laser is damaged, have the pilot pick that up and redeploy it. It will be restored to full working order.

Be sure your not on the ship. Remain on the station and remotely order. Once you have spent some time picking up loot from destroyed enemies, bring the pilot back. Speak to the Pilot to hand over their inventory. Now, go to the traders corner and sell all the bounty. Odds are in the first hour you will achieve at least 2 million.

This strategy can be adapted at any gate leading into XEN space.


For a while now, anytime I leave, I leave with laser turrets. If your accosted by XEN while exploring, doesn’t hurt to drop them. Drop five, six, or as many as you like until they are off your tail and focused on the turrets. Once they are destroyed, pick up the turrets, loot and continue exploring. Happy trails space captains!

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