Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – 10 Million Damage Guide

A walkthrough on how to deal 8 digits of damage.

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This guide is going to talk you through the process of extreme overkill. As the game says, this is only possible at around level 35. I was level 37 when I did this but I’m sure you could easily do it at 36 and if you’re lucky 35 could work too.

The Setup

Choosing the Perfect Victim

If we want to do as much damage as possible we need to find the perfect target. By combining a variety of status effects we can do massive damage to anything, but we need the most damage possible. For that we’re going to kill the Angel Mirror.

Some people like to a Slime Bunny because those 10 million health slimes exist, but we’re not gonna do that. There’s one small problem with Slime Bunnies that makes Angel Mirrors a better choice.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - 10 Million Damage Guide
Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - 10 Million Damage Guide

Slime Bunnies are immune to being cursed, so we can’t get their defense to -80% like we can for the Mirrors. The only problem we mgiht encounter with the Mirror is that it doesnt have a very high amount of health, so for this battle you should play on Hard or Epic so you don’t accidentally kill the mirror.


For the fight you’re going to want the Chunky Gloop summon equipped. We’ll be using that to apply invisible. The Viking Monoltih could also be helpful for applying haste.

Natalie’s Setup

Below is the gear you want Natalie to have for the fight. The Star Badge is obtained from the Temple of Trials, making it hard to get, but if you don’t have that one don’t worry you’ll still be fine. Make sure all of your items are upgraded to the max, and make sure Natalie has the Black Hole limit break and that you’ve upgraded that to the max level as well.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - 10 Million Damage Guide

The Battle

Alright, now that we’ve picked a target and we have all our gear, where do we find an Angel Mirror that we can use for this? The Gallery’s 30 medal room has a fight with all 4 of the mirror enemies scaled to your level, so that’s where we want to go.

Now we need a lot of things to happen in this battle, but the first thing we do is kill the other 3 enemies. Once that’s done, we have a nice big list of stuff to do.

  • Buff Natalie’s magic attack
  • Give Natalie brave
  • Debuff the Mirror’s magic defense
  • Weaken the Mirror
  • Freeze the Mirror
  • Make the Mirror Invisible

We’ll start off by cursing the Mirror. Curse will gradually lower the magic defense for us. While this is happening, the Mirror’s health may get low, so just hit it with a holy attack to heal it. We need to weaken the Mirror anyway, so you can heal it while applying Weaken. Once the Mirror gets to -80% magic defense, we need to do a couple things. Make sure the Mirror will stay cursed and weakened for atleast another 3 turns. Have Matt use Temper on Natalie to give her Brave, we want a critical hit. Next have Natalie defend to buff her magic attack to +80%. On your next turn use the Chunky Gloop summon to make the Mirror Invisible, and then hit it with Anna’s Frost Arrow to freeze it. Your Mirror should look like this:

Now all that’s left to do is use Black Hole and enjoy your new achievement.

Written by SEVENTEEN

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