For Honor – All Hero Speeds – Who is the Fastest?

Ranking each hero’s sprint speed from greatest to least – For those curious

Sprint Speed Rankings

So let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: here is a list of each character’s sprint speed using the Warden’s sprint speed as a comparative metric. These results come from a couple hours of testing how long each character takes to run from one spot to another, but should be decently accurate.

From fastest to slowest:

  • Peacekeeper, with 112% the speed of Warden
  • Orochi, with 107%
  • Berserker with 101%
  • Warden, who travels as fast as himself
  • Nobushi, just barely slower than Warden
  • Raider, just barely slower than Nobushi
  • Lawbringer, just barely slower than Raider
  • Valkyrie, with 99%
  • Warlord, a tad slower than Valkyrie
  • Kensei, with 93%
  • Conqueror, slightly slower than Kensei
  • Shugoki, with 84% of Warden’s sprint speed, the most sluggish by far


In case you’re wondering what possible uses this could have, let me tell you: Knowing how fast each character runs is very useful for deciding when to bolt and when to chase someone who is bolting. If you’re a Warlord fighting a Lawbringer, for instance, your best option if you’re losing is to stand and fight. Running is gonna get you speared. If you’re playing Kensei and a Warden decides to flee the scene, it’s probably a good idea to leave him be, as you won’t be able to catch up.

A few oddities you might want to commit to memory are:

  • Nobushi is not much faster than most other heroes
  • Lawbringer is actually decently quick
  • Kensei is surprisingly slow, slower than the Warlord
  • Conqueror is on par with Kensei
  • Valkyrie is on the slow side for some reason

And if you’re getting tired of dishonorable scum running from combat, pick peacekeeper. She’s crazy fast.

The Process

In case you’re curious about how accurate these numbers are or how I got them, here’s a quick description of the setup:

I started a custom game of elimination with no bots on the cathedral map, set the round timer to 1 minute and made it best of 5. I just ran from one end of the cathedral to the other and timed it 3 times. I used the averages to compare the speeds. Hopefully this gave a decent representation of how fast each character was.

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