Motorsport Manager – Designers & Mechanics Stats and Perks + Power Start with Tips

List of all designers & mechanics stats and perks with description and tips. And the other part of the guide is power start with your own team. (You can use existing teams but it will be less efficient). Basically you can create decent team at the start of season 2.



Race Bonus

  • Concentration – Higher value less mistake chance on pit stop. 
  • Part Fixes – Higher value less time to fix parts on pit stop. 
  • Pit Stops – Higher value less time to change tyres/refuel. 

Non-Race Bonus

  • Reliability – Daily bonus to reliability work in CAR improvement section. 
  • Chemistry – Time to unlock mechanic perks with driver. 
  • Performance – Daily bonus to performance work in CAR improvement section. 

As far as i know current star lever of your best mechanic influence level of pit crew folks that you can hire. But i may be wrong.
Since you can have only one mechanic at reliability/performance at the time you can have one guy with 20 performance and one guy with 20 reliability for example.


I rate perk categories in comparison to possible time save.

Reliability Perks (Decent)

  • Engine Expert: Higher engine modes no longer impact condition(one of the worst perks in this category,there is probably couple of strats with this perk but in my opinion it’s not worth it) 
  • Quick Fixes: Part condition fix times are 2x faster(Better than engine expert but still pretty bad, simply because you still lose a lot of time to pit and fix things,you can use it at the start of the season when reliability is low but it’s only 1-2 races) 
  • Push It To The Limit: Removes the red zone from car condition(This perk at first looks pretty bad but in certain combination for example with weight strip or high red zone parts can be op but again pretty situational take it only if you want to have some fun or try different strats) 
  • Nurse: Car condition drops slightly slower(adds around 30% reliability. This perk+weight stripping are overpowered you can strip almost twice as much,30-40% instead of 15-20%,it’s safe number for every 42 or less lap races.) 

I have to mention that weight stripping is kinda overpowered(imho) mechanic and it’s up to you use it or not.But without weight stripping all these perks are worse for sure.

Pit Stop Perks (Bad)

  • Pit Stop Legend: All pit stop times are -1 second faster (well 1-4 sec per race is not worth the perk slot) 
  • Pit Stop Guru: Tyre Changes: Tyre changes are 50% faster (same here) 
  • Pit Stop Guru: Refueling: Refueling is 50% faster (this perk can be useful but it’s depends on your strategy for example i like races without refueling so it’s useless for me,if you like races with refueling it can save a lot of time) 
  • Risk Taker: Risky pit stops now only have a 10% mistake chance(not worth the slot 100%) 

Special Perks (Best)

  • Fuel Economy: Fuel burns more slowly, allowing the driver to use a higher engine mode(I don’t have the numbers but it feels like additional 25-30% to current fuel usage which is pretty good you can use push mode almost non-stop,If you like races with refueling i’d say that refueling will be better than this perk) 
  • Super Overtake Mode: An extra engine mode is unlocked – Super Overtake – allowing even more power, at the cost of a higher fuel burn and condition loss rate(This perk is absolute OP for qualification it’s -0.3-0.7 sec per lap in comparison to 15%quali/tyre bonus which gives you only 0,15 per lap correct me if i wrong about numbers).

Tyres Perks (Good)

+30% durability to tyre.

  • Lightfooted: Ultra Soft Tyres: Ultra Soft tyres wear more slowly 
  • Lightfooted: Super Soft Tyres: Super Soft tyres wear more slowly 
  • Lightfooted: Soft Tyres: Soft tyres wear more slowly. 
  • Lightfooted: Medium Tyres: Medium tyres wear more slowly 
  • Lightfooted: Hard Tyres: Hard tyres wear more slowly 
  • Lightfooted: Intermediate Tyres: Intermediate tyres wear more slowly 
  • Lightfooted: Wet Tyres: Wet tyres wear more slowly 

In my opinion the most universal perks is soft tyres since you can always use them but it’s depends on you settings(amount of laps).For example you can easily do 24 laps 0 pit stops race with medium tyres assuming that’s you have refuel banned.It’s just an example but i hope you get it.All you need to know amount of bonus durability is the same to all tires.

Qualification Minigame Perks (worst)

Important thing to keep in mind,i have no idea how much time you save with perfect quali minigame in comparation to overheated ones,but i rate this perks assuming that you know how to play minigame
and you always hit perfect tyres/brakes manually,so basically this perks give you nothing.If someone have numbers on this please tell me i add it to this section.

  • Sweeter Spots: The Sweet Spot in qualifying is bigger 
  • The Sweetest Spots: The Sweet Spot in qualifying is much bigger 

Now couple of my personal favorite mechanics at the start of the game:

  • Alyx grey 
  • Maxine solde 

They have medium tires and overtake mode perks,alyx possible 5 star and maxine 4,2,both cost ~50k per race.


Stats are pretty straight forward higher the stat,more bonus to parts once per season.
For example if you designer have engine stat 15 once per season he/she adds 15 to engine performance.
So stats are pretty useless for designers.

Now to the most important part Perks.


  • Build time -1 Day 
  • Build time -2 Days per Million Spent 
  • Build time +5 Days. Unlock an additional Good Component 
  • Reliability +25% Performance -5 

So the best ones here is -1 and -2 per million.
While -2 days is better,-1 is more universal so it’s up to your play style. (But in late game -2days is much better). +25% Reliability is situational. Everything that add additional build time generally is really bad and unless you know what you doing and you have strategy it’s not worth it.


  • Build time -2 Days Cost Increased+500k$ 
  • Performance +20 max, Reliability -10% 
  • Adds a random Great Component 
  • Performance +25 Reliability -10% on Tyres (Wets, Inters) 
  • Build time +10 Days. Unlock an additional Great Component 

I like -2days for 500k because of my strategy.
Performance +20 and reliability-10% is decent. Other is really situational.


  • Good components take no time to build 
  • Reliability +2% for each day in production 
  • Performance +40 Reliability -10% during Race 
  • Performance +60, Reliability -20 during Qualifying 
  • Performance +50 Reliability -25% on Tyres (Soft, Super, Ultras) 
  • No condition loss on first race 

You can easily skip rare perks since all parts are very situational.


  • Adds a random Legendary Component 
  • Risk Level -1 
  • Reliability +40% 
  • Build Time -4 days. Cost Increased +$1 million 
  • Produce an extra part at no additional cost 

This section is really easy,atleast for me.Random legendary component is broken AF,i explain why.
So there is 4 possible parts that you can make with this perk:

  • +90 to performance MAX 
  • +60 to performance MAX,+30 to performance 
  • +50 performance + 50 reliability 
  • +50 reliability 

Numbers can be different depending on part but point is,worst case scenario you get +50 reliability or +90 max speed that you can’t upgrade (second you can easily avoid by not creating this parts at the end of the season).

But the best part is,you save a lot of building time and money (because epic and legendary parts cost 4/5days+500k/1kk money each). And another very important thing,you don’t need to have test track or similar building to build this parts which means worst case scenario you need to build lvl 1 of the building for rare parts if your mechanic don’t have ones.

It’s save large amount of money and time.When you hit late game this perk became much worse because you have all parts opened and you can choose them. Risk level -1 is decent but in my opinion it’s better to take legendary -3 risk part.
Build time -4 days is really situational unlike the common and good variants.
Second best perk is Addition part for free i really like this perk but unfortunately it’s require good setup,parts rng and strategy.Good perk but it’s hard to learn how to use it properly.


  • Reliability +5% for each day in production 
  • Max Performance instantly 
  • Risk Level -3 

Well personally for me risk level -3 is the best because it’s allow you to chose any part you like and since game have rng part pool per season you can have season with almost exclusively risky parts.
Max performance is good but since it’s uses legendary slot it’s situational same about 5% reliability per day.

Example of the strategy that i use with parts.

I usually skip average and good engines/brakes etc by using parts like -1 day,-2 days and etc.
So my main engines/brakes etc are great/epic(epic slot is always random legendary part)this way i can build decent part in no time and as i said before worst case scenario you got 50% reliability(which is not bad for early/middle game).

So for me decent designer at the start is Etsuko Hasimoto she have -1day build time,-2days build time for 500k,random legendary part and cost ~15k per race. The best possible combination of perks in my opinion is:

  • -2 days per million spend 
  • -2 days for 500k 
  • Performance +60, Reliability -20 during Qualifying/Performance +40 Reliability -10% during Race 
  • Adds a random Legendary Component/Produce an extra part at no additional cost 
  • Risk Level -3 

Power Start

After playing around for a bit i find a very broken way to start new game.Probably anyone who played this game a lot know it already but anyway. Let’s go.
It’s time to have some fun by abusing game mechanics.

So key thing is,you can create your own team and put it in F1 league.Which means you can have 37.5 millions with 10th position goal at the start or 45millions with 8th i recommend you 10 because it’s our ultimate goal,funny enough if you stay in F1 after season 1 you in much worse position than if you drop to F2 league(it’s actually not that bad since you make a lot of cash,but it’s much harder to catch up with car parts because bots can upgrade them up to +300 each season,it’s just easier to drop in F2 and then go back to F1)and since we goind up and down in F1/F2 leagues we abusing mechanics where game give us somewhat decent parts every time we reach new division or go down.

Now couple of easy steps:

  • Best manager type is financial or politics(if you know what you’re doing +4 votes is better because you can’t buy votes,5% to cash is always decent choice) 
  • By default you have 3 sponsor choices or whatever it calls.Guys with 3 star chassie for first season(which is useless in our case)and bonus 5 millions.Guys with 40% team marketability and 10 millions.And guys with test track and 15 millions.Our choice is 40% team marketability because you will almost always finish last in season 1 so you can’t improve your team marketability which means you can reach only 3 star sponsors but with 40% team marketability you can reach 4 stars. 
  • Fire all default drivers. 
  • Now it’s time to hire new drivers,best ones bellow(if you don’t know you can hire driver without scouting).Another important thing you need to hire 3 drivers and always use reserve one at practise(some people say that he gives 50%anyway but it’s not working for me unles i chose him for practice) : 
  • Bjorn Belland 100% marketability ,~31k per race (All drivers in this list want’s long contract,doesn’t care about position,bonuses and fee. 
  • Nevada Mellado 79 marketability,~42k per race. 
  • Frankie Parkes 36 marketability,~31k per race. 
  • Franky Kinney 50 marketability,~77k per race. 

So why exacly these drivers?Well the answer is simple they all have pay driver trait,decent marketability and pretty cheap. Now it’s good time to explain another game mechanic that we gona abuse. Pay drivers(so the amount of cash driver pays you depends on league you’re in, for example 200k for F3,400 for F2 and 800k for F1).I’m not sure why they even add this trait but anyway. Idea is simple we buy chepest drivers with this trait and high marketability and make around 27 millions in one season only from drivers by finishing in 19&20 position.

There is list on google docs that you can find with all pay drivers,about 27 in total.But these are the best for our strat.

  • Next step is staff,you can fire/hire anyone you like just keep in mind one thing any designer/mechanic with more then 3.1 stars probably won’t join F2 team so hire them before you get demouted.For example I use these 3:
    Mechs: Alyx grey, Maxine solde + Designer: Etsuko Hasimoto.
  • Ignore pit crew because you can hire much better at the end of the season(or when you need them). 
  • Ignore part design(same here). 
  • Set money on next season car as low as possible 
  • If you have dilemmas chose what you think is best for your situation(don’t always save money) 

Now about HQ.

  • At day one build designer centre and factory(lvl2) 
  • If you don’t have designer with rare parts you need to build all things that give acces to them(test track,simulator etc) 
  • Build tour centre 
  • Build factory/designer centre(lvl3) 
  • About helipad,forecasting centre,staff centre,searching facility(or whatever it calls) these buildings
    depends on your personal preference and strategy if you can live with 6 lap weather report – ok,if you don’t care about additional drivers – ok.There is no point to build helipad before you reach 5 stars but it’s cost only 5-10k per race so idk.Do whatewer you like. 

Maybe later i add year to date cost for each building. But upkeep of fully upgraded hq costs ~26 millions per year. Tour centre+car factory+theme park generates ~31 millions per year.

Racing strategy is simple simulate practice and qualifying,x12 races whole season.

At the end of season one you will have at least lvl 2design centre and factory(all rare parts buildings) and around 50 mill to spend.

Amount of money you’ll make in season 1:

  • Position 10 goal – 37.5 millions.
  • Drivers – 26.5 millions.
  • Prize for 10 place – 41.5 millions.
  • Sponsors around – 10 mill.

Couple words about chairman. After you drop to league bellow he’s probably gonna expect you to finish 1st or 3rd. Second thing that yo probably know but if you somehow finish 6-8 or maybe even higher in the next season he’s probably gonna expect you to finish 2 places above or 2 places bellow your last season place.

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