Thea 2: The Shattering – Planning Your Game

After playing this game for hours, I want to share my thoughts and how I would approach this game. This guide works amazingly well till Tier 4 materials. Which I’m trying to figure out at the moment.

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First thing that I recommend you do is pick your god. I personally likes Dzievanna because each character have a +1 on gather.

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

Not only that but they also give you a hunter and a gathering. Sometimes early game, the +1 can mean a different of taking 2 turn or 1 turn camping. For starter characters, I recommend having a gatherer, a hunter, a warrior, and a child.

Reasons: A gatherer reduce gathering time by ALOT .

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

As you can see from this picture, having a gatherer means, I only have to waste 1 turn to get wood, instead of 2. A warrior is very good for damage absorption early game, because at night, beast start attacking you. A hunter is also really nice because they can tank and do damage. Another nice thing its, it give you the option to hunt beast. Basically kill the beast before they can attack you, without taking damage.

Your goals for the first 100- turns are basically explore the whole map and the first few main missions.

Setting Up

A decent island need to have Malachite, Scaled Leather, and Dryad Wood. Other items that would be a nice add-on are Rubies, Blood bones or Monster bones, Quartz, and Clay.

Malachite is one of the best item in this patch just because when you build your village, it give 11+ health extra to characters.

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

The others only give more craft + or vision range. If you prefer sanity over health, go for dark wood. But health is better IMO.

Dryad Wood is the lightest option in the game. When equipping your character, it is important to not overload your characters. Because it not only reduce movement speed, it also reduce your stats in battle. So I like Dryad Wood because of the weight mechanic in game.

Scaled Leather… It is the lightest leather and is the best until tier iv material where you can cap.
Steel improve some village structures.

Rubies, weapons with rubies give shield leech.

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

Clay give true damage and Quartz give poison damage.

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

Regarding crafting tools, topaz is the best. Until tierIV materials.

A decent camp spot need to have woods, wheat, and at least 2 spots that need points to unlock. Here is an example:

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

Want would make this spot a perfect spot is if the Dryad wood switch with the Elven and the Steel switch with the granite.

I think wheat is a good food to give to “visitors” and that one cat keep showing up! Welp, I guess it’s nice because after you give it wheat, it become a pet :D!

Character Build

Question you should ask yourself: what is my style?

Weight and speed is very important in this game. But remember there are only 2 turns in a combat round.

Do I want a truck? Do I want a speeder? Do I want a punching bag? Et cetera.

A truck usually tank pretty decently and as the name, hit like a truck. The only downside is the speed is very slow. The build is usually heavy armor and 2 hand mallet. The damage is insane, massive damage on one character and 1/2 damage to surrounding character in a T. Weakness is that sometime, you just need 10 damage…… but because you goes last, so you take extra unnecessary damage.

A Punching bag is fast and as the name, a punching bag. The only downside is the damage is very low. The build is usually heavy armor, sword and shield. What is good about a punching bag is it can absorb a ton of damage AND it is usually almost always the first to attack. ( first to attack are summons) If you use a sword made of rubies, you get more shield per attack, hence more tanking! Truly a build for the masochist! Anyway, weakness are those enemy who inflict true damage to you. Your armors are useless at that point.

But hey! you can have 7 cards in your hand, your other characters can cover for their weaknesses!

Now my favorite build: Village of witches. I recommend having at least 3 witches in your hand.

It is the reason why Scaled Leather and Malachite is a must have on an island and why you need to rush the story line. After killing the witch, the god ask you to visit a village. At that village you can trade for a cat. Give cat to girl and you may get a witch as your fourth character. If you rush, you should be able to complete this under 20 turns and should be able to get the first witch when the girl grow up.

Witches dominates the battle field whether in faith, health, or sanity. The reason why witches are so good is because of the ice spike and undead summons.

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

In combat, you can summon 2 meat shield to do damage and take damage without risk of losing health of the other characters. Ice spike scale pretty nicely as well and have good damage and speed ( did 28 damage for 7.5s ). And Summons always, always goes first.

It is fantastic early game when your other characters are weak af with no gears.

Warning this does falls off at a certain point! When it is not worth it to have around 60+ damage absorption and 20+ extra damage in health battle (around 30 points and damage per undead). Undead are terrible with faith and sanity battle. But still a good meat shield while the witch does the job. But don’t worry, at a certain point, (pass 700+ turn or something) you can switch to summoning Demons instead.

Thea 2: The Shattering - Planning Your Game

Demons < Skeleton in health battles because it is 1 to 2… But at that point where you use demons, Your party should be able to win health battle with ease (not losing health) without the skeletons. Demons are great at sanity and faith battles are this point. They do better damage and can take more hits than 2 undead combines!

Written by Lovise

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