Mist Survival – Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide (version 0.2.3) – in this guide I will tell you how to fulfill all your basic needs during first 10 days of game.

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Collecting Items

When you wake up, check items around you. There probably will be one inventory upgrade, a saw a box of matches, apple and bio fuel. Take them all. Now guide yourself to the motel, as it will be nearby. During your way collect items from the ground, check encountered containers, car trunks and hoods. There’s a list of items you should take with you.

Necessary items:

  • Car parts pack: engine, spark plug, battery and 4 tires 
  • Weapons: knife, pistol, shotgun, rifle, put them straight into the toolbar right away 
  • Ammo for firearms 
  • Armor and clothing: helmet, vest, shirt, a pair of boots, equip them right away 
  • Tools: axe, saw, hammer and crowbars 
  • One fuel canister 
  • Materials: stones, branches, metal scrap, components, rags, sewing kits, sticky tapes, lashings 
  • Bandages 
  • Salt 
  • Booze (when you get two bottles, make a bandage right away) 
  • One water bottle 

Useful items (replace them with neccessary items when you ran out of inventory space):

  • Materials: branches, wood, nails, feathers, ingots, powder 
  • Meds: antibiotics and painkillers 
  • Sugar 
  • Buckets 
  • Food and drinks (consume them right away when hungry or thirsty enough) 
  • Matches 

Less useful items (replace them with other types of items when you ran out of inventory space or just don’t collect them at all):

  • Materials: leaves, firewood, wood scrap, ammunition boxes 
  • Empty bottles 
  • Bio fuel canisters 
  • Arrows 
  • Potatoes 

Load all the bullets in the corresponding weapons until maximum capacity to save space. If you found car part of better quality than one you already have, drop old part and replace it with new. Place food, drinks, bandages and some tools into empty toolbar slots to save space. Also you can place one item into harvest slot.


When you get hit your health points decreases by some amount. If HP reaches zero, you will be knocked out and can either load saved game or respawn and lose some items. There are several wound types in the game:

  • Leg and arm wound: caused by infected and bear attacks and bandit shots. You can speed up its healing with bandages. When you have this type of wound, your health bar stops increasing. 
  • Bleeding: you can get it with leg or arm wound. It constantly decreases your health points. You can stop bleeding quite fast by using bandage on wound which caused it. 
  • Food poisoning: you can get it after eating raw food or drinking water directly from water source. It raises your minimum values of thirst and hunger. Speed up its healing with antibiotics. 
  • Ankle wrist: you can get it after falling from some height. Speed up its healing with painkillers. 

Getting a Car

In one of motel rooms you will find a suitcase (take one with highest number of slots). Put some items in it and take it with you (using “move” option). Don’t open motel room with monsters inside yet. Loot remainig rooms and proceed along the road to the workshop. Make a crowbar and fuel canister at the workbench. At this point you most likely already have all of the necessary parts for the car. If not, move further along the road to collect remainig parts. Now you also need to get some gasoline, open hoods of encountered cars, place fuel canister into the slot and transfer fuel from the car by pressing “fill can” button. Don’t forget to move fuel can back to inventory after that. Now find a sedan car with “drive” sign over it (as its trunk has highest number of slots). Open the hood, attach all of parts to the car and fill fuel tank with gasoline using “fill tank” button. Move items which you can’t use right now from suitcase and inventory to the car trunk. Get into the car using F button, start engine by pressing E, turn on lights if necessary with R key and drive on.

Now start to collect another car items pack for second car which you’ll need later.

Mist Event and Night

When mist appears it’s better to go inside house or room with closing entrance. Go there, close the door and sleep 2-3 hours. You can sleep on the floor with “7” key or use sleeping bag from inventory. Sleeping bag restores stamina better, but you need to find or craft it (from inventory menu) first.

It’s better to sleep during night (19:30 to 5:00) because infected can suddenly appear at this time. But if you aren’t tired, you can also lock yourself in the room and use night time for crafting. When you’ll finish a base and surround some area with structures, so infected can’t get in, you’ll be able to use workbenches at night or during mist event too.

It’s quite safe to drive in mist or at night, so you also can use this time to travel.

Upgrading Inventory

Now you need to visit as many standalone houses, shelters and towers as you can to get inventory upgrades and other useful items. Lashings are most valuable at this point. It will be easier if you’ll print a map of the area:

Mist Survival - Quick Start Guide

Break locked doors with crowbar. If there are infected in the house you either can fight them with firearms you already collected (and get some ammo while looting the building later) or leave the house alone. It’ll be also good to loot the house near the farm as it has 2 inventory upgrades.

Starting a Base and Drying Things

Drive to corner of the fields which is farthest from your starting location. There is a road which will lead you to main road of the small town. Turn left and drive along. You’ll find a pool with a wooden fence on the right side of the road. It’s best place for base because there is water, houses to loot and mine nearby.

To loot the houses you’d better have a bow and arrows to get rid of infected without spending ammo. And to make a bow you need to dry bear’s guts. This process is very slow, so you should start it as soon as possible.

First thing you should do is building drying rack. If you have less than 7 branches, chop some trees with your axe. Make sticks from branches. If you have less than 2 lashings, you can create some from leaves and tree barks which falls from chopped trees.

Store all items except axe, knife, crowbar, firearms, ammo, bandages and one water bottle in the trunk of the car near the pool for later use.

Now get into your car and search for a bear. You can find one in the forest near the corner of the fields with road to the town. Get out of the car, arm yourself with shotgun or pistol, aim with right mouse button and make some shots in bear’s head. You can kill it with one shotgun headshot (bear must be right in front of you) or 3 pistol shots.

It’s time to butcher the bear. Get some meat from the head with axe and butcher meat, skin and guts from the body with knife.

Return to your base and hang guts on the drying rack.

Now it’s good to build tanning rack to start drying skin. But it requres a lot of lashing, so you probably need to loot some places until you’ll find enough. Then you can use dried skin to craft a leather for tactical quiver. You also need to upgrade your workbench for this and it requires 2 gears. If you don’t have enough gears yet, save it for later.

Locker Hunt

If you have full car item pack now, drive a bit back from your base and add components to the driveable red truck. Add some gasoline from your fuel can as well. Get into the truck. Now it’s time to visit some houses, grab lockers from inside and put them into the back of the truck. Then return to your base and place lockers somewhere. You need 8-9 lockers to store all your suff, so you have to make 2 trips. It’s convenient to store items of different type in corresponding lockers:

  • Wood planks, branches, leaves, logs, tree bark 
  • Metal scrap and components 
  • Food (2 lockers) 
  • Rags and sewing kits 
  • Sugar and empty bottles (near distillers) 
  • Tools, sulphur, salpetre, powder, salt (inside cabin) 
  • Ingots, ore and clothing 
  • Other items 

It’s not recommended to use pickup truck as your main vehicle. Of course you’ll have much more storage space inside carrying lockers, but sometimes when you’ll return to the truck you’ll find it being upside down because of collision glitches between car and lockers.

More Structures

Now you need a cabin to hide in and sleep. You need to chop some trees, get logs and saw them to wooden planks with a saw. Build cabin adjacent to the fence. Now you can get into the cabin, close the door and safely craft things. For example, you can salt the meat and then put it on the drying rack. Put a locker inside the cabin and build a bed. Now you can safely sleep during night and mist events at your base. You can also create a chair here to recover stamina.

Next important thing is building water purifier. If you have no buckets, create 2-3 and use one to build purifier close to the water and others to fill it. You also need to build stump for making firewood. Get some firewood, tree bark and matches, fill bucket with water by pressing “V” while in water (put bucket in the slot on the left, press “fill” and move bucket back to inventory), fill purifier with 2 full buckets (press “E” on purifier, put bucket into slot on the left, change amount of water with arrow buttons to maximum, press “give” button and return empty bucket back to inventory) and start distillation. Now you can fill your water bottle anytime you need (press “E” on purifier, put bottle into the slot on the left, press “take” button and move full bottle back to inventory), so water problem is solved.

Build a campfire and grill stand. Make some firewood and ignite it with tree bark, matches and fuel canister. Put remaining meat on a grill stand and wait until it’s ready. Now move cooked meat to your inventory right away. Don’t be distracted with other tasks while grilling meat as you will probably burn it. Properly cooked piece of meat fills almost whole hunger bar.

Now food problem is solved too. If you have no food, kill a bear, butcher meat, grill and / or dry it.

Forge and Mining

Build a forge adjacent to a fence. Forge’s entrache should face entrance of your cabin. It’s better to have forge, stump, campfire, workbench, some empty place and cabin in a row, all adjacent to the fence. I’ll explain later why. With forge you can melt components and metal scrap into low quality iron ingots. Anvil near the forge allows you to craft gears for other structures. Now craft a pickaxe using anvil, some ingots and wood. Now you are ready for mining.

Get ito your car and drive back along the road to the field. Mine entrance is located at right side of this road. Stop a car near it, store all of your items inside car’s trunk except sleeping bag, pickaxe and water. Now enter the mine and search for different types of boulders inside. Break them with a pickaxe and get iron, zinc and copper ore, sulphur and salpetre. Some boulders can be broken only from certain position (due to collision layer glitches) and one boulder location disallows to break it completely. Break all of the boulders inside a mine, but don’t try to loot chamber with berserker. If you ran out of stamina, use your sleeping bag to sleep for a hour and recover it. Return to your car and drive back to base.

Melt some copper to get 2 copper ingots and other copper and zinc together to get brass ingots. Melt iron ore to get iron ingots.

Safe Crafting Area

Now you can move buildings and lockers you have as fence to completely surround small area between forge, wooden fence and cabin. Don’t use tanning rack because monsters can go through it when there is no skin on it. Leave small hole and cover it with livestock fence door. Now you can get inside, close this door and safely craft everything you need.

Gathering Metal

You probably need to visit mine once more to get enough iron ore for 10 iron ingots. Then craft a sledgehammer. Now you can drive around with your car and break metal objects to get metal scrap and components. You can break cars without accessible trunks, some metal fences, grill stands and trailers. Later these resources can be melted in a forge.

Crafting Ammo

Craft mortar with pestle on the anvil from 8 stones. Crush salpetre and sulphur from inventory crafting menu. Take some coal from the fireplace and make some powder. Now you should choose which ammo type you need to craft. I’d advise to make some shotgun shells. Craft some shotgun casings on anvil using brass and low quality iron ingots.

Now you need to build reloading bench to make ammo. You need to get 2 iron ingots, saw some logs and craft 4 gears. Then you could make some shotgun shells from casings and powder.

Bandage Production

To make bandages you need bottles of booze. It can be produced by moonshine distillers. Distillation takes one day, so I think having 2 distillers is best choice. Build them near the water to be able to fill them quickly. Place a locker with sugar and bottles near them. Now you can fill them with water using buckets (one full bucket is enough for one session) and start distillation with some sugar and bottle. Every session of distillation produces 2 bottles of booze which you can use to craft one bandage.

Bow and Arrows

When guts become dry you can craft a bow with them and 2 lashings. You also need to craft tactical quiver and prepare arrows before crafting a bow. You can collect plenty of branches while chopping trees. Turn them into sticks and craft basic arrows. Each tactical quiver can carry 24 arrows.

Move quiver into quiver slot using “equipment” page of inventory mode. Click right mouse button on quiver and select “add arrows”. Three slots will appear on the left. Move your arrows to these slots. Put a bow into toolbar and select it with corresponding numeric key. Now you can switch arrow slots by pressing “R”, aim with right mouse button and shoot with left mouse button.

Arrows are handy to get rid of infected inside houses before looting. Enter the house. If nobody has noticed you, you can kill standing infected with headshot. When infected starts to run towards you, run away from the house. Infected will pursue you for some time, than turn back and run inside the house. During this period you can shoot him 1-2 times. Repeat until no infected left.

It’s quite dangerous to loot houses with infected during the night or mist event because they won’t stop pursuing you, so it’s better to do this at daytime only.

You can also try to kill a bear with arrows, though it requires some practice. Don’t use bow against bandits due its slow reload.

What’s Next?

Now you have almost everything you need. It’s time to get some entertainment:

  • Get a siper rifle. There is bandit camp with watchtower, forge and hostage near the road to the town. Stop your car not so far from it and approach the fence hiding behind trees so sniper won’t be able to shoot you. Crouch and move along the fence to the camp’s entrance holding a fully loaded shotgun. Kill a bandit near the entrance with a headshot and kill other bandits which will run towards you. If you’ll run out of ammo, switch to pistol or automatic rifle and finish the work. Move along the fence to the point from which you can shoot the sniper. You can use pistol or M4. Lean away from your cover, aim at the sniper fast and shoot him. Now you can loot the camp, get sniper rifle and rescue hostage. 
  • With a sniper rifle and previously crafted ammo for it it’s easy to loot bandit camps. Approach the camp and kill everyone with sniper rifle shots from a distance, so they will not be able to shoot back. 
  • Rescue all 3 hostages, arm them with weapons and give them some tools. 
  • Build a big base with some rooms. Fill them with furniture and workbenches including beds for you and your allies. Assigns your friends some tasks of crafting materials or building structures. 
  • Visit a town an loot it. 
  • Kill a berserker. You can kill him by standing behind the fence with arrows, shotgun or even sledgehammer. If you prefer to use shotgun, you’ll need around 60 shells. You can also get some grenade fragments from bandits, craft grenades and blow berserker up. If you’ll kill berserker without hiding behind the fence it will be cool. 
  • Cook some soup. You need to craft cooking pot and kill some infected (for potato), bandits (for carrots) and bear (for meat) in a short period of time, because ingredients are spoiling fast. 
  • Make a fridge to keep food fresh and a generator for it. Generator burns fuel quite fast, so get at least full fuel canister before. You can also build a cooking pot and render bear’s fat to make biofuel. 
  • Build chicken coop and catch some chickens to fill it. You can get a meat and feathers by butchering them. 
  • Make some hunting or flaming arrows and kill some infected with them. 
  • Light up your base with electric lamps.
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