Resident Evil 2 – Items / Keys Location

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Items / Keys Location


  • First Key – in story at the Gas Station, impossible to missing. 
  • Blue Peak – on the 3rd floor near West Storage Room (on the desk). 
  • Pink Diamond – in Morgue. 
  • Green Club – in the Boiler Room (note: in Leon’s Story). 
  • Pink Heart – in Private Collection Room [Car Parking], in photo frame (examine it) (note: in Claire’s story). 
  • Car Keys – examine Tin Storage Box (box you can find in Firing Range). 
  • Orphanage Key – in the bathroom door after hiding Sherry (in Sherry’s segment) – in Claire’s story. 
  • Sewers Key – above the desk near Bottom Waterway. 

Police Station

  • Officer’s Notebook (with clues to medallion’s status) – in story, impossible to missing. 
  • 1st Portable Safe – in Shower Room on the shelf. 
  • Red Book – in Library on the desk. 
  • Weapon Locker Key card (to Armory wth shotgun) – in Art Room. 
  • Statue Left Arm – in Art Room. 
  • Scepter – Combine Statue Left Arm + Red Book and use on statue in Art Room. 
  • Red Jewel – by examining Scepter. 
  • Cutting Tool – in Fire Escape. 
  • Electrical Part – in East Office. 
  • Round Handle – in East Office (small room) on the desk. 
  • Electronic Gadget – in Room between Operation Room and Records Room. 
  • Battery – in S.T.A.R.S. Office. 
  • Detonator – combine Electronic Gadget + Battery. 
  • Spare Parts (to open lockers in Safety Deposit Room ) – in portable safes. 
  • Jewelry Box – in the Interrogation Room. 
  • S.T.A.R.S. Badge (to open second armory with magnum in S.T.A.R.S. Office) -> in Jewelry Box, which you can open by Red Jewel from Scepter. 
  • Tool for the mechanism at the library shelf – in Record Room (you have to get in by Green Club key – room has two entries). 
  • 1st Boxed Electronic Parts – in room between East Storage Room & Balcony. 
  • 1st Electronic Part – examine 1st Boxed Electronic Parts. 
  • Large Gear – in East Storage Room. 
  • Tin Storage Box – in Firing Range. 
  • Small Gear – in the Clock Tower (4th floor). 
  • 2nd Boxed Electronic Parts – in the Clock Tower (3rd floor). 
  • 2nd Electric Part – just examine 2nd Boxed Electronic Parts. 
  • Parking Garage Key Card – after Ada Wong’s segment (in Leon’s story) or after Sherry’s segment (in Claire’s story). 


  • T-Bar Value Handle – in Sewers near Cable Car Platform.
  • Rook plug – in plug socket near Workroom.
  • King & Queen plugs – in Supplies Storage Room.
  • U.S.S. Digital Video Casette – in zombie corpse near Workers Break Room (by the stairs).


  • Facility Control Terminal – in Control Room.
  • Trophy – in Lounge on the table.
  • Signal Modulator – in room next to Lobby.
  • Dispersal Cartridge (Empty) – in GreenHouse Control Room (in machine).
  • Dispersal Cartridge (Solution) – you have to fiil empty Dispersal Cartridge in Drug Testing Lab.


  • 1st – from statue in Lounge. 
  • 2nd – from statue in Main Hall (2nd floor). 
  • 3rd – in West Storage Room after detonating door. 

Roll Films

  • #1 Roll Film (with Commemorative photo) – in Safety Deposit Room in 106th locker. 
  • #2 Roll Film (3F Locker) – in small room beside Firing Rage (enter by Diamond Key). 
  • #3 Roll Film (to hiding places photos) – in Workroom (in Sewers).
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