Resident Evil 2 – Weapon Damage Calculations

Ongoing calculation on how many rounds it takes to down enemies.

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Current Values Calculated

While playing the resident evil 2 remake, i was testing weapon damage values on Leon (Normal). Here are the results so far:

Zombies, aiming, and what is the best handgun in Resident Evil 2 Remake?:

  • Fully aiming until there is a dot at the center of your reticle increases damage by approximately 75%! therefor, increased accuracy speed should be seen as an overall dps increase.
  • Zombie headshot damage vs body shot damage (both aimed) is an overall 40% damage increase.
  • Jill/chris handguns (15 seconds for 12 aimed rounds) are slightly faster at aiming than matilda/albert handguns (16.5 seconds for 12 aimed rounds), therefor have my recommendation as being slightly better. it is worth mentioning that once the 3 round burst is acquired for matilda, it can aim SIGNIFICANTLY faster (10 seconds for 12 rounds) and is therefor a higher dps handgun (firing it semi-auto). any weapon with a laser sight ( JMB HP3 Pistol) is automatically at maximum aim (and therefor the +75% damage). because accuracy is power, lasers are even more awesome than they appear.

Other interesting tidbits:

  • The shotgun has surprisingly high damage (even without upgrades), very comparable with the magnum.
  • The flamethrower is especially effective against Birkin 2 (crane). currently birkin 2 and the veggie zombies are the only recommended monsters to kill it with.
  • Tyrant (final form) can be stunned from his charge with 2-3 handgun bullets you just have to wait out his two minutes.
  • Zombies tend to fall down with 3 headshots, 6 bodyshots, or 5 legshots.
  • Player character health is 1200.
  • (Obvious) always have a knife equipped if you plan on killing something. You can get 3 uses.
  • (Obvious) save your grenades for bosses/high threat enemies, and flash grenades for stunning MR X/lickers.

Comparative damage values (based on MR X/Birkin Battles):

  • Knife – 1 damage
  • Handgun (all types) – 2 damage.
  • Handgun (high power) – 3 damage.
  • Shotgun (no upgrades – 5.3 damage.
  • Shotgun (upgraded) – 6.6 damage.
  • Magnum (no upgrades) – 6.6 damage.
  • Magnum (upgraded barrel) – 10 damage.
  • Hand grenade – 26 damage.
  • Flamethrower: 100 fuel = appr. 17 damage, or 0.17 (only zombies tested) (damage on birkin 2 is closer to 80 per 100 fuel).
  • Flamethrower (upgraded): 100 fuel = appr. 42.5 damage (or .425 per fuel on zombies) (pending birkin 3 test).

Knife testing:

  • Knife has approximately 50 “swipe” durability – tested on zombies (center-mass)
  • Durability value verified 1000. avg 11.85 (84 swipes) verified by JpDeathBlade
  • Damage varies based on Frames per second:
  • At 75 FPS, killed on average in 15 body slashes
  • At 30 FPS, killed on average in 21 body slashes
  • 3 “defense” uses per knife (each defense uses approximately 40% durability)

Zombie testing (hits until dead)(10 tests performed each):

  • Knife – 15-20 center-mass

Note: Aiming on average increases damage by 75%, and headshots increase damage by appr. 35% (aim for the head, and fully aim!)

  • Results with different pistol variants (albert/matilda/etc.) yielded extremely similar damage results.*
  • Given that aiming results in a large increase in your dps, quicker aiming speed should be seen as higher damage (in practice)*
  • Albert has the slowest aiming speed, with matilda in the middle, and both chris and jill aiming speeds being very fast, therefor, faster damage overall!*

  • Pistol: FULLY AIMED 8.7 body shots (5.1 headshots) OR 14.6 body shots and 12.3 headshots if not aimed
  • Pistol (albert): (ALL AIMED) 7 body shots, or 5.2 headshots
  • Pistol (chris): (ALL AIMED) 5.1 headshots
  • Pistol (jill): (ALL AIMED) 5.2 headshots
  • Pistol (matilda):(ALL AIMED) 6.8 body shots, or 4.9 headshots

  • M-19 (high powered pistol): FULLY AIMED 5.4 body shots (or 3.2 headshots)
  • Shotgun (no upgrades): 2.16 (84% headshot instant-kill)
  • Magnum (no upgrades): 2 (instant kill)
  • Magnum (upgraded barrel): 2 (instant kill)
  • Flamethrower: 100 fuel (zombies do not appear to take burn damage over time).
  • Flamethrower (upgraded): 40 fuel (60% reduction in fuel usage)

MR X testing (hits until downed)(3 tests performed each):

  • Hand Grenade: 2
  • Pistol: (44 aimed body shots, or 64 non-aimed body shots)or ( 7.8 aimed headshots, or 13.7 non-aimed headshots)
  • M-19 (high powered pistol): (21 aimed body shots, or 36 non-aimed body shots) or (4.4 aimed headshots, or 7.5 non-aimed headshots)
  • Shotgun (no upgrades): 14 (or 4 headshots)
  • Shotgun (upgraded): 12 (or 4 headshots) (all headshots will throw him backwards)
  • Magnum (no upgrades): 13 (or 3 headshots)
  • Magnum (upgraded barrel): 11 (or 2 aimed headshots)(or 3 non-aimed headshots)
  • Flamethrower (upgraded): 35-40 fuel

Birkin (form 2 – crane battle):

  • Handgun(infinite): appr 37 body shots
  • Handgun (M19 high power): 25
  • Hand grenade: 3 hand grenades
  • Upgraded magnum: 4 upgraded magnum shots (2 in eye)
  • Upgraded shotgun: 6 (4 in eye)
  • Flamethrower: 100 flamethrower (body) (extremely effective!)

Birkin (form 3):

  • Back eye (3-5 handgun) (2 upgraded shotgun)
  • Leg eye (6 handgun) (2 upgraded shotgun)
  • Arm eye (8-10 handgun) (1 upgraded shotgun)
  • *Optional “Reveal state”* although it makes some difference if you attack him during the reveal stage, it seems to have minimal impact on his final stage health.
  • Core eye: (8 grenades with no reveal damage) (11 upgraded magnum with no reveal damage) (190 upgraded flames, or 304 flames un-upgraded) (15 upgraded shotgun).

Tyrant (MR X) Final Form:

  • For this boss fight, as long as you manage to stun him with damage, the rocket launcher drops after 2 minutes of fighting. only the launcher can kill him.
  • During his instant kill charged attack, it doesn’t take much damage to stop him, you can stop him with as little as 2 handgun rounds.

Birkin 5 (blob):

*Weapons have limited effectiveness until his eye opens at the front of the cart*

  • 4 hand grenades
  • 3 rockets
  • 8 upgraded magnum shots
  • 9 upgraded shotgun blasts
  • Flamethrower is ineffective
  • Handgun not enough dps before death (unless you start firing from beginning of fight nonstop. then 70 rounds).
  • Matilda burst: 33 rounds to the eye.

Lickers testing:

  • Handgun: 19 bodyshots (15 headshots)
  • Shotgun: 6 bodyshots (6 headshots)
  • Shotgun (upgraded): 5 bodyshots (4 headshots)
  • Magnum (upgraded): 2 bodyshots (2 headshots)
  • Hand grenade: 2

Zombie dogs:

  • Handgun: 3-4 bodyshots


  • Flamethrower: about 65 fuel
  • Flamethrower (upgraded): about 42 fuel
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