Life is Strange 2 – Money or Morality?

A money guide for Life is Strange 2.

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Chapter #1

Sean starts out with $3.20

Esteban(dad) = lying will get you $20 while telling the truth gets you $40

“Drug” Money Jar = either gain -or- lose $10 (this one time, it doesn’t count as stealing)

Diner Receipt = always lose $12.90

Bear Mart:

  • Power Bear = the bear 😉 minimum seems to be $3 by having the same character try 3x; even if the graphics show you snagging a sphere before the 3rd attempt, the game will not give it to you.
  • Choco-Crisp = steal, lose $2, or break your promise.
  • Tent and Raccoon Sweater – too expensive to buy; either steal or go without. You get both if you choose “Steal Camping Gear” later on.
  • Sleeping Bag = too big to steal; lose $16 or go without.
  • T-Shirt = too big to steal; lose $11.90 or go without.
  • Food = you need 2x of the following to make sure Daniel has enough to eat; Hot Dogs ($6) Bread ($5.90) Mac & Cheese ($4.50) Chips (free w/ begging) so without stealing you’d have to pay a minimum of $4.50, steal, or not get Daniel enough to eat (apparently no one eats the dumpster apple and candy doesn’t count).
  • Drinks = there doesn’t seem to be any reason NOT to just drink the free tap water.
  • Nothing consumable will carry over after this meal so there is no reason to stock up on extra food/drink.

Brody = always gain $30

Vending Machine = always lose $1

Chapter #2

Sean starts with a minimum of $4.03 up to a max of $30.03 in increments of $5 (I think the way it works is this; forget about Brody’s money, that is always spent on the bus tickets. Take what you had left after the Bear Mart and round down; eg $11 becomes $9.03)

Christmas Market:

  • Wreath = $10
  • Sitting Bear = $6 -or- $7
  • Snowman = $4 -or- $5
  • Wooden Beaver = $9 -or- $10

You can steal the Yo-yo and then replace it with a bought item or give Daniel multiple presents.

Cassidy = lose up to $1 (if you have less than $1, you’ll give her your last 3 cents).

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