Outward – Equipment and Skills

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Equipment and Skills

Finding and crafting adequate equipment for your quests is the hardest part of the game. As soon as you have solid armor, weapons and active/passive skills the game will become very easy. It will take a couple of hours, but it will be worth the grind. Try to concentrate on:

  • Pearlbird Mask
  • Master Trader Boots
  • Coralhorn Bow
  • Sniper Shot Skill
  • Tuanosaur Greataxe
  • Health and Stamina Upgrades
  • Slow Metabolism Passive Skill
  • Trader Backpack
  • Tent

Pearlbird Mask

The mask is a random drop of pearlbirds which can be found in Cheronese. Its advantage is:

  • Increases movement speed by +20%

This is useful for travelling long distances and for running away from powerful enemies.

Master Trader Boots

You can find them in crates/chests or buy them from traders. Their advantages are:

  • Increases movement speed by +15%
  • Decreases stamina cost by -5%

Again, this is useful for travelling long distances and for running away from powerful enemies.

Coralhorn Bow

You can craft this bow by combining:

  • Recurve Bow – Can be bought for 100 silver coins from blacksmiths.
  • 2x Coralhorn Antler – Loot of alpha coralhorn deers, located in Enmerak Forest.
  • Crystal Powder Crafted with four Mana Stones in the alchemy kit.

It’s huge advantage is:

  • Inflicts Pain, cursing the enemy to receive more physical damage.

Shoot and hit an enemy with one arrow and switch to a melee weapon afterwards to increase your physical damage. This should aways be the first step in fighting enemies.

Sniper Shot Skill and Health Upgrade

Both skills can be learned from a trainer who’s standing at one of the entrances in Berg:

Outward - Equipment and Skills

The advantage of the Sniper Shot skill is:

  • Increases the damage of arrows.

This skill should always be used at the beginning of a fight to lower your enemy’s health before killing it with a melee weapon. Used with the Coralhorn Bow you’ll weaken the enemy before you’ll get attacked. Try to avoid activating this skill during an ongoing fight.

Tuanosaur Greataxe

This greataxe is one of the most poweful weapons of the entire game. You can craft it by combining:

  • Brutal Greataxe – Loot in treasure chests and can be bought from blacksmiths.
  • 2x Alpha Tuanosaur Tail – Drop of Alpha Tuanosaurs in the centre of the Hallowed Marsh.
  • Palladium Scrap – Obtained by mining Palladium Veins.

The safest way to eliminate Alpha Tuanosaurs is shooting them from rocks they can’t climb. It’s important to separate them from other enemies before starting a fight.

The weapon’s advantages are:

  • 44 Damage and 50 Impact.
  • Inflicts Extreme Bleeding on enemies!

Extreme Bleeding is one of the deadliest status effects. As soon as an enemy has Bleeding its death is almost inevitable. Just run away or hide until your enemy has bled to death. In case you get hit by a weapon which causes Bleeding you should instantly use a bandage.

Stamina Upgrade and Slow Metabolism Passive Skill

Both skills can be bought from the same trainer (Galira the Monk) in Monsoon, the capital of Hallowed Marsh. The Stamina Upgrade increases your max stamina by 40 and the Slow Metabolism skill will extend the time for eating, drinking and sleeping needs:

Outward - Equipment and Skills

Trader Backpack and Tents

Trader backpacks can bought from traders. They allow you to carry a capacity of 100.

Tents are better than improvised bedrolls. You should at least have a simple tent to experience a better stamina regeneration. Luxury tents grant you a -20% stamina cost buff for 40 minutes.

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