Tropico 6 – Guide to Avoid Shacks

Please note: All credit goes to El Guapo!

Step by Step Guide

Shacks popping up everywhere? Despite your best efforts, you can’t get rid of every single one and you’re sick of shacks between beach villas ruining your tourist paradise?

Here’s what you should do:

  • Check the residency overlay and if every residential building in a housing area is green, then you’ll need more housing there.
  • Understand the citizen a.i.: people rather live in a shack next to their workplace then walk across the entire island! Creating affordable housing near workplaces. Bus stops and metros help to increase the distance from workplace tolerance level.
  • Be aware that there will always be broke people unless you heavily invest into the social systems. There will be unemployed and old people that are broke.

Just to add to step 3, students will also be broke. By the Cold War period I always end up building a Conventillo set to ‘Let It Rot’. I like to place it near a fishing wharf. Broke people will visit the fisherman’s wharf to get food.

  • Create housing that broke people can afford.
    That can be bunkhouses or conventillos on the mode that enables broke people to move in (“let it rot” it’s called for conventillos).
  • Remember the 3rd step. People with jobs prefer paying 0 rent if possible. To avoid non-broke people moving into your rent-free buildings you have to construct them far away from any workplace!

I present to you “ghetto island”, the solution to the shack problem:

Tropico 6 - Guide to Avoid Shacks

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