Mortal Kombat 11 – Fastest / Easiest Way to Farm Koins (300K / Hour)

Easiest/Fastest way to farm koins in MK 11 even while AFK.

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The Setup

You need to customise your character AI behaviour, i recommend using “Noob Saibot” or “Sonya Blade” with the following AI behaviour settings:

  • Grappling: 0
  • Rushdown: 15
  • Kombo: 30
  • Reversal: 15
  • Zoning: 0
  • Runaway: 0

(You can however tweak these to get better results and effectiveness may vary based on character)
You can change the AI behaviour settings by heading over to the kustomise tab and choosing a character, then scrolling across to AI Behaviour.


The AI behaviour is different for each character so if you decided to try a different character you will have to go into their kustomise tab and do this step again.


For much better results in this method you should acquire a konsumable called “Stolen Riches” This can be obtained through the krypt or Towers of Time. (This will net you 10x as much koins per match so its highly recommend as you also only need 1 konsumable to last you a full tower).

The Method

  • Now that you have created a custom AI character, head over to klassic towers and select endless mode, select your character and when you are choosing your variation Press [X – xbox/Triangle PS4] to enable AI fighter. Now start the tower. (If you have one select the konsumable “Stolen riches”.)
  • Now your fighter will be an AI and will fight for you and will usually get as far as 30 – 40 matches in endless mode (If you have the “stolen riches” konsumable you will get 5000-6000 Koins per match giving you 150000+ koins per run)
  • The AI will also perform fatalities and brutalities consistently netting you bonus hearts aswell as the koins.


You will have to either press A/X at the end of matches to continue to the next, or you can set up a macro to press it for you, you will however have to check back on it after 40-50 minutes to make sure you haven’t lost or it will have you back into the tower as a Non-AI scorpion.

Written by Velyixtv

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  1. Its dumb…. I can make 250k in about 20sec. Every single match.
    4 augment needed. 2 blood and 2 lvl4 green.

    2 blood augment for krushing blows (k blow without requirements /// infinite k blows no damage.)

    2 green augment for soul and for money (soul collector 40 soul per k blow /// and the one that converts soul into coins.)
    In addition, if u need souls, then obviously just use 3 augment without the converter form soul to money.

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