SCUM – Best Character Build

I will explain why i think this is the best build.

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Best Character Build

  • Str – 3.0
  • Con – 5.0
  • Dex – 4.5
  • Int – 3.0

SCUM - Best Character Build

Advanced Tips

The less skill you have at something, the more fame you will get by doing it. example if you have NoSkill on survival you will get more fame for crafting stuff than if you had advanced survival

The difference between Advanced rifles and medium rifles is huge, i highly recomend you put advanced rifles.
By having NoSkill pistols you get more fame by shooting at robots with pistols.
By putting Con on 5.0 you get more Health – HP.

Endurance is way easier to level up thats why i put running on advanced, also endurance helps with the weight and gives your character more stamina overall but you also need to spend more time sitting to get that extra stamina so it doesnt really help.

You really need stealth in scum, the element of surprise is a huge advantage so i highly recomend you put advanced stealth, as for driving if you are solo dont put points in it, since you need to lockpick if you wanna raid bases. if you are in a group someone will be the driver and someone the robber.

Awareness is not as great as people think it is. With no skill awareness you wont be able to see someone at 200 meters if he has full camo and prawning but at the same time would you see him even if he was rendered? Also whenever you scope you can see people up to 400 meters, so even without awareness you’re gonna be fine.

Camouflage and snipping synergise really well with each other since you will be prawning most of the time while sniping, you shouldnt put camouflage on advanced its kinda of an overkill and sniping advanced doesnt make that huge difference.

You MUST put survival on NoSkill, the first 20 minutes you will be chopping down trees, in 20 minutes you will have more than 150 fame and your survival skill will be at basic already.

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