Deathgarden: Bloodharvest – Scavengers Ranked

This guide shall provide some advanced information about the basic Scavengers.
It highlights strengths and weaknesses and evaluates their overall utility and fun factor.
This guide requires you to have some basic knowledge about Deathgarden.
Finally this is based on my personal opinion and experience, so may agree as well as disagree.

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Scavengers Rank is being determined by the following four categories*

The Difficulty (Is this Scavenger compared to the competition easy or hard to play?)

  • The Difficulty is rated by a number between 1(very hard) and 10 (very easy)

The Equipment (Which Powers and Perks does he/she have and are they useful?)

  • 1 (useless/bad) and 10 (very good/useful)

The Skillcap** (Can your Playstyle/Performance in chases improve by putting time into him/her?)

  • 1 (it doesn’t matter at all) and 10 (it does matter a lot)

The Grind (Is it easy to level his/her Perks or is it just a pain in the a$$)

  • 1 (very frustrating) and 10 (very enjoyable)


* This is all based on personal opinion and my experience with these characters you may agree or disagree.

** You can argue that by leveling the characters equipment the performance of him/her in chases will be automatically better and that you cannot call it skillcap. I won’t say that you’re completely wrong but besides the level of the equipment, it still takes some skill and awareness to use it to win the chase by surviving or avoiding it. In addition to that to level the character you need to complete challenges which can be tricky and almost impossible on some perks.

I will also give my own two cents in addition to some information about the character. Some general things, playstyle etc.


  • Name: Iosif Blatov
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Age: 39 y.o.
  • Location: Moscow

After losing his family in the ruins around Moscow, Iosif Blatov joined Tabula Rasa: a group dedicated to the destruction of The Enclavesand the rebuilding of society. Now an expert Scavenger, he gains entry into Enclaves under false identities, strikes blows against the Hunters from within and melts back into the ruins, before moving to another Enclave to start again.

Since Fog is unlocked for all players, I will give a little bit extra information considering his six perks.

The Rating:

1. Difficulty: 7 of 10

Fog is a very good scavenger for beginners, his vambrace powers and perks are very strong and easy to use. His unique bonus also allows him to deal more damage to hunter constructs, which saves time and ammo both very important in this game because time management is essential in Deathgarden and will make the difference between gaining 3000 XP or gaining 5000 XP. The only thing that holds him back is your experience and the experience of the hunter. Skilled hunters will be able to track you through the fog. His fog power also requires timing if you use it too early the smoke will vanish before the hunter arrives, if you use it too late he/she already spotted you and will chase you. His heal bolts are a reliable alternative but it focuses more on preservation then stealth and therefore it probably will be more difficult to escape once you’ve been found.

2. Equipment: 9 of 10

His Vambrace Powers both Fog and Healing are strong and useful. You can use it for your own survival, but can also provide a lot of help (especially with golden crates) for your teammates and will make a difference between life and death if clever used.

His six perks are:

  • Shimmy: increases crouched movement speed.
  • Ammo Opportunist: increased bolts per crates and max. bolts.
  • Fleet Feet: gathering blood increases your movement speed by 50% for a time.
  • Heat of the Moment: Move faster while revealed.
  • Emboldened: delivering blood grants a shield with 30hp for a time.
  • Sharing is Caring: when collecting ammo, you and all scavs in a 15m radius gain more ammo.

All 6 perks are useful. Shimmy, Emboldened and Sharing is Caring are maybe a little bit more situational but still viable. While Ammo opportunist, Fleet Feet and Heat of the Moment are extremely strong and will benefit you every match and will often save your life. Therefore definitely try out Fog with Fleet Feet and Heat of the Moment if you haven’t already.

3. Skillcap: 6 of 10

Considering all the things mentioned before it’s easy to say that there are many interesting and strong combos with fog, which increases the learning curve but makes him so much satisfying to play when you spent enough time and resources into him. Your Usage of his powers will also improve especially with the fog when played enough matches with it.

4. Grind: 9 of 10

Even in this category Fog does shine. Not only are his perks strong, the challenges related to it are pretty easy even for the more specific and situational one. You will level so much more faster than you will earn the resources to level him up. You might get some challenges which require more time to complete but it’s nothing that is impossible and can’t be done in a couple of matches.


  • Name: Su Bai
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Age: 27 y.o.
  • Location: Shanghai

Oneway to survive in the ruins is as a Recycler – scavenging old techand breaking it down into NPI. Su Bai takes that to the extreme, getting sent into The Bloodharvest for minor offenses, having her amputated limbs replaced with artificial ones, which she recycles when she returns to the ruins. It takes a special kind of resourcefulness to be willing to sacrifice body parts to survive.

The Rating:

1. Difficulty: 5 of 10

Switch is a Scavenger with a talent build on awareness and foresight. Therefore stealth is the recommended way for her. In addition to that Switch has tools to increase her own survivability per default. For a beginner Switch can be useful at learning the general map layout and to locate objectives since her perks can reveal crates and blood. She also has perks to help her evading the killer more efficient. On the other side an unexperienced player (especially when matched with an experienced hunter) can have a bad time with her since Switch’s playstyle is more designed on confusing the hunter while fastly immerse into cover to avoid being spotted. Switch is good at avoiding chases but lacks durability in chases and since small mistakes can be badly punished, it’s not recommended to play Switch when trying to improve your survivability in chases.

2. Equipment: 5 of 10

Most of Switch’s perks revolve around Stamina regeneration and objective localization. They do their job relatively good, but for the advanced player it’s nothing special. Her unique bonuses on the other side are pretty good. One revives you with full health the other gives you a speed boost(50%) for 5 seconds after your delivered blood.

3. Skillcap: 5 of 10

Time investment does payout on her not only because of her vambrace powers which take some time to fully understand and to learn how to get the most out of them, but also in general to know when to use your clones as a distraction and when not to keep them since the unappropiate use could give away your position. Other than that there isn’t much to learn or to progresswith her. She is relatively basic.

4. Grind: 8 of 10

Her perks might not be the strongest in the game, but fortunately the challenges where you have to get the perk to work aren’t that hard. They’re mostly connected to things you would do anyway and the challenges besides that aren’t that bad either. The only thing that can be difficult is if you have to revive scavengers, since she has no tool in her loadout which is specifically designed to help with this task, so consider yourself lucky when the hunter isn’t executing immediately and you’re close to the downed scavenger. Besides that have fun prestiging her.


  • Name: Aria Vaughn
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Age: 35 y.o.
  • Location: Texas

Aria Vaughn ran a clinic in the ruins, healing those she could, easing the pain of those she couldn’t. Her settlement was raided and she vowed to fight back, but warlords are powerful and merciless. Vaughn’s counterattack was crushed, her friends were murdered and she was thrown into The Bloodharvest as punishment. Her spirit remains strong, shewon’t be defeated; she’ll win her freedom and return to the ruins, where she can continue to do good for those who need her most.

The Rating:

1. Difficulty: 4 of 10

Sawbones is the medic of Deathgarden, a scavenger meant to hold the team together, simply by extending the chases and life time of her fellow scavengers. For this purpose Sawbones has a lot of tools to make sure the teammate smiles and the hunter complains about healing bolts in the forum. Pulling a last second save off or just knowing that your mate wouldn’t have survived the chase without your help is very satisfying. That said though it requires practice, timing and skill to pull this maneuvers off, which makes her very strong in group of friends, since it solves the problem of communication. However it can be very frustrating to play her since it’s recommended to watch out more for your teammates, which can be annoying if you want to focus on your own objective and get interrupted by the constant question do they need my help or not?

2. Equipment: 4 of 10

What makes her additionally difficult is that she only has two good perks. These are Security Blanket (40% reduced after delivering blood for a time) and Under Foot (reduces hunter shock damage). All the other perks are too weak or can even harm your team and yourself. This limited choice can make her rough to get used to, especially because Sawbones has only preservation powers which will only extend the chase but won’t help you directly at avoiding or escaping a chase. Her unique bonues on the other side are both valuable and fit her characteristics. She has 8% more base movement speed by default and needs only half the time to revive a scavenger.

3. Skillcap: 7 of 10

It can be quite difficult to find your specific playstyle with Sawbones, since she lacks some viable perks and her shield power is not that big of a deal. That said if you do manage to get around this and put some or even a lot of time into her, you can make hunters life very difficult and your own and especially that of your teammates much easier. Be careful though not to farm your teammates. If he isn’t instantly executing there’s no need to revive him/her instantly and get him/her downed again.

4. Grind: 2 of 10

Good luck prestiging her. Her vambrace power are compared to some of her perks easy to level, but friends for life and faster healing are a nightmare. The challenges where you have to bring the perk to work are extremely frustrating. Sometimes they don’t even work, which is probably a bug or at least not intended, but until this is adressed… Consider yourself a god if you have her already on prestige 4.


  • Name: Yani Amini
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Age: 24 y.o.
  • Location: Algiers

Hating what the Hunters had made of society, Yani Amini tried to strike back. However, during an assassination attempt on the Hunter in charge of The Enclave, he was caught in the act and sent into the Complex for life. He knows how the system works, and how best to take advantage of it. He’s a survivor and plans that one day, he’ll get free and enact his revenge on the Hunters.

The Rating:

1. Difficulty: 8 of 10

In terms of avoiding chases as well as ending chases quickly (in favor of the scavengers… most of the time) He is also good at countering hacked crates as well as delivering blood to bloodposts. His name reflects his playstyle Ghost is a character meant to be never seen by the hunter even in the blood mode. Therefore he suits perfectly the playstyle of starters, since you can easily without much practice avoid the hunter while probably delivered blood just a few seconds before. The only thing that is important to learn is the timing. The invisibility lasts only a couple of seconds and clones do also take some practice to use correctly.

2. Equipment: 7 of 10

Ghost’s loadout is pretty decent, except for one perks which is almost useless, besides that he has two good stealth powers as well as five perks and two unique bonuses between okay and good. In general Ghost is specialized delivering blood without being detected. An important note would be that Ghost lacks perks to help him during chases, that’s why it’s so important to escape the chase as fast as possible or even better to avoid these engagements completely.

3. Skillcap: 4 of 10

There isn’t much of a learning curve considering Ghost. To make the most out of his clones will take some time, but the invisibility doesn’t require much practice. Just make sure to be invisible before he spots you and just don’t get too cocky.

4. Grind: 6 of 10

Overall completing the challenges isn’t that hard most of the time. Only one perk which has to do with hacked crates requires a lot of luck and coordination, besides that most of the challenges are between easy and mediocre.


  • Name: Aishwarya Kumaran
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Age: 29 y.o.
  • Location: Chennai

In the past, Runners used biometric tattoos, to mak e them faster, stronger, better. Aishwarya Kumaran wanted to return to thosedays, developing her own methods and technologies to help Scavengers against the Hunters. When her allies turned on her, wantingto keep the tattoos for themselves, she fled where they would notfollow: into the Deathgardens. If she can beat the Hunters, she canwin herway out of the country, escape her pursuers and use hertech to help others get into The Enclaves.

The Rating:

1. Difficulty: 7 of 10

Inked can be seen as a tank. If you want to learn how to survive chases, you should consider picking her since mistakes will not be as heavily punished as on other scavengers. Her unique bonuses and most of her perks help her to endure chases longer as well ending chases abruptly. She is the toughest of all scavengers and a survivalist. Combined with a Sawbones which constantly heals you their is a low chance to get actually downed by the hunter. Her shield even though it has the same stats as of Sawbones is still viable more on Inked if you do combine it with some of the tank perks. You can also decide to play her stealthy which is a solid option as well.

2. Equipment: 8 of 10

Both Vambrace powers are good on her they easialy synthesize with her perks and unique bonuses. Overall there isn’t much to complain about except for two perks which are more situational and of them being pretty useless. Other than that Inked’s loadout as it is right now, is pretty nice.

3. Skillcap: 9 of 10

Inked’s perks and powers as well as her general playstyle make her in the hand of competitive players to a nightmare, since you cannot predict her movement as easily as as it is with the other scavengers during chases. You can find yourself often wondering what happened if you don’t know this scavengers loadout. She can be a pure tank, she can also be a good evader. One perk allows her to cling considerably longer to walls making it easy for her to vanish behind a tree or high building. Her playstyle is definetly more risky than of any other scavenger, but it can also be much more rewarding if can calculate the risk and mix up your playstyle to make it harder for the hunter to adapt. A high risk high reward scavenger. If you want the adrenaline rush of suriviving a chase pick definetely Inked.

4. Grind: 8 of 10

Except for Staying Alive you probably won’t have a hard time completing the challenges. Some exception may occure, but shouldnt be overall not that much of a problem. Gathering the ressources will be a higher priority.

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