Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – How to Skip Spiked Gears after Gaget Headwear

Simple trick to gain Height off of Dullahammer heads.

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Kick Jumping Basics

All credit goes to JamesDreemurr!

Bloodstained has a lesser known mechanic shared in the Castlevania franchise where jumping while holding the analog stick or S key in the air will perform a downward kick this can be used off of enemies to gain height and refresh double jump allowance, now that you know this on the trick

Dullahammer Spawning

In the topmost room just after the first half of the twin dragon spire a room with a large rotating gears leading to spikes on the ceiling will constantly spawn Dullahammer heads on Miriams current Y coordinate that travel across the room we can use this to force a monster to spawn just below the scalable platform to the right of the gear and kick off a head to land on it.

After Thoughts

To be honest I have no idea where I should be going at the current point in the game I do not know if this method is intended to be the way forward but given how scarce the information on this move has been I am fairly certain it isn’t.

Side note if you have the Bunnymorphesis spirit and perform a kick jump it does pretty substantial damage based off your Intelligence I believe no idea how long this will stay in the game.

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