Dead by Daylight – Killers’ Guide to Salt Farming

We all know by now, that killers can receive backlash for their play style. Although it is the killer’s job to sacrifice the survivors for the Entity, survivors believe the killer should show mercy and let them escape, and will usually spout large amounts of salt if not allowed. Here is a guide for those killers that wish to embrace the salt, and garner more.

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Early on in the Match

An easy way to farm salt early, is a Hex totem. Nothing irks a survivor more than that annoying skill check that needs to be perfect. This part is tricky though, as some experienced survivors will just power through Hex: Ruin instead of hunting for the totem. Want to make that Ruin more effective? Play the Doctor with Unnerving Presence, Distressing, and Calm add ons and stay in Treatment mode. Camping (or trapping) any Hex totem also ensures the longevity of its use and will definitely gather more salt.

Iridescent Heads for the Huntress, instant chainsaw by the Hillbilly, 3 blinks with the Nurse, and Prayer Beads with the Spirit are all easy ways to gather salt. Survivors hate when the killer has an overwhelming advantage due to an add on.

During the Match

Throughout the match, there are many opportunities to gather salt. The aforementioned add ons and Hex totems are easy ways to continue to gather (especially if they haven’t found the totem). Slugging survivors down and leaving them as bait is a solid tactic, but also an easy way to gather more. insidious camping hooks, face camping hooks, placing several traps around a hook, and basically any form of hook camping will surely gather much salt. Want more from your camp salt? Nod your head and/or hit the survivor on the hook, or even chase down the unhooked survivor and ensure they die on hook. Tunneling one survivor until eventual hook death is always an easy way to get piles of salt.

End of the Match

The end game is a great place to get much needed salt if the rest of the match was fairly fruitless. Hex: No One Escapes Death is an essential salt tool. Couple that with Blood Warden and you have a recipe for high blood pressure. And then, there is the hatch. The hatch changes (recently) made for better chances of salt farming, especially if there is only 1 survivor left. The most hatch salt you can gain? Play Wraith and camp the hatch cloaked, and when the survivor gets close enough, close it in their face. Even so, closing it in front of them (with any killer) will gain essential salt to add to you ever growing collection.

Post Match Celebration

If done properly, the end game chat lobby (on PC) will flow with rivers of salt. Add to it with a quick “GG EZ” and the flood gates will open. You may learn new ways to hide items in any body cavity. You may start to fear for the life of yourself and any loved ones (not really, these are internet tough guys remember). Want to keep the salt flowing? Through in a “GIT GUD” or “2 EZ” comment during intervals of brief calm.

Written by DreadloK

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