HELLION – Surviving as the Stranded Miner

Having troubles with this advanced start? Here is some advise…

Getting Started as a Stranded Miner

In order to unlock the advanced starts, you need to have progressed in the game past the song of silence quest, so this guide will assume you know the basics.

So you wake up in a Life Support module, notice the air outside your cryo isn’t breathable, and you might be starting with a hull breech. Get out, suit up, depressurize the room, and grab the nearby soda cans (small canisters). We got work to do…

Surviving Hour One (How Do I Get Out of Here!)

To get your first ship, you are going to need the following items:


  • 2 Hacking Tools
  • Military Nanite core with green durability.
  • As many spare jetpacks as you can find (There are three)
  • Warp Cell
  • Singularity Detonator


  • Mining drill
  • Mining bit
  • 3 battery packs
  • Spare suit and helmet
  • Welding tools

Time is not on your side. Your starting ship is an Arges, and it has depleted nanite cores, high damage, and no fuel. On top of that, you are not in Bethyr anymore. If you take too long, your ride out of here will be destroyed.

Your first module has 2 jetpacks, a hacking tool, welding tool, and a battery. With luck, you can also find a nanite core. If not, steal the one from the solar module. Slot that battery in your helmet and head for the arges immediately. Oh, did I mention that having a Tier 1 suit will not be enough to protect you from exposure here? You will find a second hacking tool in the cargo bay of the arges, and another nanite core (Usually). Get control of that ship and use the jetpacks to refuel. You can find the warp cell and detonator in the two industrial sections nearby, and a third hacking tool in the derelict cargo bay. You also want to dock with the fabricator and life support modules to steal their RCS fuel and the air from the latter.

Done right, you should have:
A half dead Arges with 10% fuel, at least one warp cell and a t2 detonator, enough air to pressurize one room, a huge dose of radiation damage, and about 5 hours before your ship blows up from the radiation.

Getting to a Stable Position (Before the Sun Kills You)

We have our ship, and we are alive, for now. The next step however is in three parts:

  1. Find a better suit.
  2. Find (At least) three T2 civilian nanite cores.
  3. Find a new cryopod to start a base.

So off to derelict diving. Fortunately, all three of the above can be found in the scattered habitat modules. Two civ cores are for your ship, and one for your new cryo module. Once you swap to a T2 suit of either type, and replace your mil cores with civ cores, the rest of the planet is open to you. Completely refuel your ship, make a stable base, the stars are the limit. Just try not to get killed.

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