Castle Crashers – How to Beat Castle Crashers Faster

This guide will help you beat Castle Crashers faster.


If you spend time into this game, you know how long it takes to unlock every character, or carry one to a golden skull. However, as long as you have a character with all the levels beaten, it is possible to beat specific levels for the ones you skipped to count as completed. Below is a list of necessary levels, and tips on the best characters to use.

Levels Required

Below is a list of the levels that need to be completed:

  • Castle Keep.
  • Barbarian Boss (can exit to map after chest disappears).
  • Thieve’s Forest.
  • Catfish (can exit to map after boss health bar disappears).
  • Pipistrello’s Cave.
  • Parade.
  • Cyclops’ Fortress (can exit to map after chest disappears).
  • Lava World.
  • Industrial Castle.
  • Dock.
  • Pirate Ship.
  • Desert Chase.
  • Sand Castle Roof (can exit to map after your character acquires the Map).
  • Corn Boss (can exit to map after your character acquires the Horn).
  • Medusa’s Lair.
  • Full Moon.
  • Ice Castle (can exit to map after boss chest disappears).
  • Final Battle (need to go back to title screen and do level again).

Recommended Characters

The best characters to use when level skipping depend on what levels you’re doing, especially in Insane Mode. Below are the ideal characters to use for level skipping:

  • Red Knight – good for taking on large crowds of enemies.
  • Blue Knight – good for freezing enemies to take on one at a time.
  • Industrialist / Fencer – good for taking on bosses.
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