Risk of Rain 2 – How to Die to a Malachite Elite

Just a helpful 14 steps guide to your success of dying to a Malachite elite.

The Begining

Assuming you’ve unlocked the timed chest on rally point delta.

Step 1: Load into Titanic plains on Normal difficulty.

Step 2: Find large chest, get Brilliant Behemoth.

Step 3: Find normal chest, get Ukulele.

Step 4: Find equipment chest, get Preon accumulator.

Step 5: Clear map of all chests and shrines.

Step 6: Eventually find a Fuel cell.

Step 7: Activate Teleporter and instakill boss with Preon Accumulator.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 for 80 minutes.

The End

Step 9: Reach stage 21.

Step 10: Hear the dreadful sound cue for Malachite elite spawns.

Step 11: Activate and instakill teleporter boss.

Step 12: Charge teleporter to 98%.

Step 13: You have 2 choises on this step:

  • A: Simultaneously get sniped by 3 malachite lesser wisps and end run.
  • B: While running back to teleporter after grabbing a lunar coin, somehow run into 2 malachite spikes and end run.

Step 14: Rinse and repeat for maximum fun.

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