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Risk of Rain 2 - How to Unlock Artifacts

Written by Pink///   /   Aug 27, 2020    

A guide on unlocking Artifacts in Risk of Rain 2.

Unlocking Artifacts Guide

What They Do

Simply put they alter the game in some way depending on which one is used.

Stage 1-5

To begin unlocking an artifact you must start a run normally and progress stages.

Collect as much items as you want.

What you should looking for

A hidden tablet can be found in most levels that contains an artifact code that you can use on the machine in stage 5.

Stage 5

Stage five or better know as Sky meadows is where the machine that contains the portal to artifact dwells.

It's located under the island, you can either fly over or jump down.


You must input a certain shape code and hit okay on the latop for the portal to open.

The tablet right next to the shapes is a free code you can use for an artifact.

Some codes

  • Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Square and Square.
  • Diamond, Square, Circle, Diamond, Square, Circle, Diamond, Square and Circle.
  • Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle and Circle.

Once inputed the code correctly just head into the portal that spawned.

Artifact Realm

Inside the portal will be the Artifact realm you chose with it's unique modifiers.

You should watch out for the enemies.


You want to kill enemies and wait until the Artifact key drops.

Artifact orb

You must use the keys on the Artifact in the middle to damage its shields.

It takes around three keys to open the shield so you can grab the artifact.

Once the shields are down, grab the artifact and head out.


Once you leave an artifact realm you will be sent back to an earlier stage where you can continue and even get more than one artifact in one run.

Written by Pink///.