A Short Hike – Secret Achievements Guide

How to get 2 secret achievements in A Short Hike.

Remember This Day Forever

Get the commemorative hat.

To unlock this achievement, you have to score 30 points or more in a game called “Beachstickball”.

You can find this game on a beach by going north from the probably abandoned building.

A Short Hike - Secret Achievements Guide


Eat a piece of toast.

To unlock this achievement you have to eat the infamous local dish “Strawberries and Toast” (You only get a Toast, because they are out of strawberries). 

To get this “infamous dish” you have to talk to the guy who gave you Golden Feathers and Provincial Park Hat at 5PM after reading the Hawk Peak Provincial Park sign first!

Tip: You don’t have to wait for 5PM, you can just change your Windows time 🙂

A Short Hike - Secret Achievements Guide

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