Insurgency: Sandstorm – How to Master Recoil Control

Everyone knows how to control recoil; pull down. But this guide will teach you how to spray many rounds at someone accurately and effectively and help you win engagements.


Overall Controllability of the guns of Insurgency: Sandstorm are influenced by three factors: Vertical Recoil, Horizontal Recoil and Rate of Fire. All of these can be controlled by the player or attachments.

Modifying Your Gun to Control Recoil

Vertical Recoil

Vertical Recoil can be controlled easily manually, but can be lessened by the attachments: foregrip and foregrip bipod.

Horizontal Recoil

Horizontal Recoil moves your gun left and right randomly, making it impossible to predict and manually control. However, it can be controlled by adding a compensator.

Rate of Fire

The rate of fire cannot be affected by attachments, but many guns have a single-fire alternate setting as opposed to a burst or full-auto. This is good for being accurate at long ranges, when rapid fire is a bit silly.

A common misconception is that the bipod compensates for both horizontal and vertical recoil. This is not true at all, and if you think about it, doesn’t make much sense at all. It will only do so when deployed.

Training on Mastering Recoil Control

Now comes the fun part: Training. I recommend going into the Shooting Range in the Tutorials to test out how each gun works, with and without foregrips (you cannot control horizontal recoil anyway, so training with and without a compensator makes no difference in “horizontal recoil control”). Eventually, you will gain a feel for every gun. I like to train with the G36K at 1x and 2x magnification sights on the road sign near the fire extinguisher, TV’s and radios. I try to keep the bullets from not connecting with the road sign.

Biggest Tip!

I’ve noticed this through training and gameplay. People who don’t do this always have messy sprays and end up missing or being killed. It’s very easy to not do when you are caught off guard, so lock it into your muscle memory: Make sure you pull down to control recoil right as you start firing.

What this ends up doing is controlling every single round that comes out during the spray. The more rounds you fire before you actually start to pull down, the more you will have to pull down to get your sights back on target, which is not just uncomfortable, but especially in competitive, this can lead to missing your target or getting killed. You might even run out of mouse space! You HAVE to start pulling down on the first bullet. If you weren’t doing this before, you may find out that now your shots are more packed together instead of all over the place, and you will start to hit your targets in a consistent area.

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