Insurgency: Sandstorm – Full Coop Guide

This is just a simple guide to new players that want to pick up the game but have no clue what the classes do and want a little shove to get back into the fight feeling better and confident to play coop.


Capture and destroy objectives one at a time as you move through the area.

There are two types of objectives in Coop:

  • Ammo cache.
  • Objective / Capture point.

Ammo Cache

All you need to do here is throw a molotov or incendiary grenade ontop or next to it and wait for it to explode.

If you don’t have one or your teammates haven’t screamed throwing frag or throwing hot one or molotov out then walk up to it and press and hold F [Default] to make an explosive that is connected to a detonator that comes once you finish arming it then simply escape to a safe distance and explode it.

Objective / Capture point

This one is much trickier.

Look on your map or look for the floating circle with a letter on it and go to it, once you reach the objective area you will see a little marker on your hud saying capturing.

And to capture all you need to do is stand in the area under that letter it could be a house or an open area just sit in there because the objective is what matters.


This guide is only for coop gamemode only, other gamemodes have almost the same idea though but this is a great place to start if you’re looking for a basic guide.

I’m sorry this is a lot to read but trust me it’s going to be really worth your time.


I will describe each role in a brief manner although it’s really common sense.


  • You carry binos that is used to call in fire support.
  • To call in fire support you must have an observer nearby.
  • Dont be afraid to call in smoke if you think your team will be shot from a distance or if your team needs cover [Personally instead of calling in smoke I carry atleast 1 or 2 smoke grenades to help the team get past openings that could leave one or two badly injured or dead
  • When holding binos dont peek for more than 2-3 seconds.
  • There is a radar on the bottom left side of your screen indicating how far away youre from your observer, the observer has one too btw.



  • You’re an observer, personally I feel this class or whoever plays this class stays next to or near the commander at all times and follows the commander while also communicating and laying suppressing fire when the commander is requesting you and is about to call in fire support
  • I bet you’re going to say “But Yui I’m my own player I don’t need to follow someone else to win”. Do you remember what I just said? “You’re and observer”.
  • As an Observer it is your job to stick near the commander and make sure the fire support call goes in or else the commander is just some idiot with binos in a gun fight.
  • I like to spam “Request Observer” a lot, but it’s not to be toxic or annoying.
  • Its to tell the observer to “Come here im going to call it in” or “Hey come over here I need someone to watch my back”.
  • The relation between Commander and Observer has to be a intimate one or else calls wont be made properly.

One of my personal experiences, I was playing commander and towards the end of the capture point I called the observer a few times because I was going to make a call on a cache and I wanted to test this new spot out, instead of coming to me the observer ran straight towards the objective and the player told me I was being ridiculous because I was on a roof calling for him and that I should go to him.

Ok i’ll stop there… From my POV I have a great fire support call spot and im so eager to use it im spam calling him hoping hes going to come here so we can enjoy this amazing call in.

Putting myself in his shoes.

  • I’m on the bottom floor and the commander is calling me.
  • Seriously that’s too far from me.
  • Wait, didn’t he call me before we captured the point& I probably should’ve went to him and waited for the call then leave for the objective.

My point is if you’re going to play Observer stay near the commander they can make amazing fire support calls from strange places and you just need to stand near them for a few seconds at a time, its really not that hard

I’m sure vet players or other players will still comment on this but if I havent been clear enough then I guess it can’t be helped.

Just get a friend to play observer so you know they wont bail on you while calling something in.


  • This class is simple, no special traits or abilities.
  • Basic rifleman things and basic rifleman weapons and basic rifleman objective.
  • This is the class I recommend to new players that don’t know wtf they’re doing.

The Breacher

  • This class is given SMG and shotgun weapons.
  • The primary weapons that are given to you support the close range encounters.
  • Breachers should be the first one in the floor.
  • Breachers should be clearing objectives for hostiles.
  • Breachers should not snipe or attack from range.
  • Breachers are an essential asset to any CQB [Close Quarters Combat] scenario because of their ability to maneuver quickly around corners as well as take down enemies right up close.

The breacher role is just a short range god, if you decide to pick this role up always try and clear objectives because nobody else can use their weapons up and personal like you can.


This is the Gunner the big boy that carries the big boy guns to deny an area or just spray enemies down.

  • You’re given light machine guns with lots of ammo.
  • Best if used to cover an area or doorway.

Lay your bipod down and watch that entrance.

Simple class no lengthy explanation required.

Demolitions guy

  • You’re allowed to carry Rocket Propelled Grenades and well as C4 and an underbarrel Grenade launcher on most weapons that.
  • Your objective is to blow everything up.
  • Helicopters, Grouped of enemies, Ammo cache.
  • Did I mention you have big boom things to turn the enemies into ashes?

The Advisor

This class is different from the rest but still the same concept as rifleman, you just get access to extra guns or special guns etc nothing too exciting here in my opinion.

The Marksman

This is Charlie 1-3, Target in sight ready to fire.

  • This class is also a tricky one [i’m serious this time].
  • This class is not a sniper so please dont use the 7x scopes.
  • Most if not all combat is close to midrange.
  • If you’re engaging enemies at far range you will 9 out of 10 times die.

I personally use a Mk14 or a SVD with a 2x scope and i’m able to hit targets at range or close range.

This class depends on positioning and knowledge of the map only take this role when you know the open areas and closed areas and areas where enemies pop up from.

And one last time please don’t use 100x scopes.

Most Important

The most important role to have on a team.

  • This question is controversial because you can beat the whole map with 2 players [yes, i’ve done it before but i’m not trying to flex].
  • The actual most important thing you need to know is to do the objective, if you don’t do it you don’t win…


I don’t care how many kills you get just capture the objective with me.


When coming up to a blind corner stop and aim down sights and look.

I’ve seen so many people die because they lazily check corners and don’t see the guy crouching in the shade 2 more inches to the left.

Vest and backpack

  • The game has a weight limit, the more gear you have the faster you are or the slower you aim down sights.
  • For most classes I use a light backpack and light vest because you arent going to spend all of your ammo unless youre hunting for kills, oh and btw kills dont win games objectives do.

Only use your weapon in self defence

  • I use this simple strategy of if theyre shooting me I return fire.
  • If they are blocking me or very close to me I shoot them.
  • If they’re about to kill my teammate I shoot them.
  • If they’re on the point I shoot them.
  • If they’re far away and ignoring me then I can get to the objective and wait for him to come to me.

If an enemy has seen you and you ran they will chase you.

Without fail ive run up to an ai shoot, run out of bullets, run away into safety, reload, and turn back just to see that same ai standing there waiting for me to realize my life choices and put a bullet in my head.

Ai will chase you if you have made eye contact be prepared:

  • Read the loading screen tips. They’re actually quite helpful.

And lastly i want to finish this guide off with.

Yes I know there may be spelling errors or things ive missed but ive covered the basic of the basics everything else will come with experience.


Don’t look up to those players that are level 100-1000 they have alot of experience correct but they can get 1 shot just like you and suck for that game, everyone has an equal chance of staying alive, just dont act dumb


  • 5.56 Caliber Go for body shots and use 2-3 rounds [if they hit].
  • 7.62 Caliber Go for torso/headshots it only takes 1 shot [i haven’t tested armors].
  • 9mm Go for body shots 2 in the chest should do it.
  • 45 ACP same as 9mm [i haven’t tested anything so don’t take my word for it].
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