Kindergarten 2 – Things That Go Boom Storyline Guide

Storyline guide for “Things That Go Boom.”

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You will need the A+ REPORT CARD, the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE and PENNY’S LASER to complete this storyline.

School Yard

  • Talk to Carla and give her PENNY’S LASER. She explains her plan.
  • Talk to Cindy and ask her about you two being an item. Respond “Ouch,” when she says you aren’t and you’ll get a tissue.
  • Talk to Jerome, give him the tissue. Answer “NO” when he asks if you know why you’re at this new school.
  • Talk to Nugget and ask him where Lily is.
  • Talk to Carla about freeing Nugget. She will give you a screwdriver. Go over to the sewer grate and free Nugget.
  • Use your A+ REPORT CARD to go to the smart class.

Kindergarten 2 - Things That Go Boom Storyline Guide

Morning Time

  • Talk to Carla, who will explain the next part of the plan.
  • Take your assessment on the computer. (It doesn’t matter which prize you choose, Carla will always choose the opposite one.)
  • Leave the classroom and go downstairs. Leave the school via the door on the right. Cross the school yard and go down the sewer grate.
  • Squeak the MONSTERMON PLUSHIE to find Lily and Billy. You’ll also unlock the [UNDERCOVER BLUE SHIRT] and the [UNDERCOVER BROWN SHIRT] outfits.
  • Examine the box afterwards to find the [MYSTERIOUS PACKAGE] Monstermon card.
  • Return to the science classroom by going back up the wheelchair ramp, through the door and up the stairs.
  • Once back in the classroom, talk to Jerome. The bell will then ring.

Kindergarten 2 - Things That Go Boom Storyline Guide


  • Talk to Carla and Jerome to hear the next part of the plan.
  • Ask Buggs if he’s able to start a food fight.
  • Go and buy another burger from Margaret ($1.00) and give it to Buggs. Buggs will start the food fight and you’re free to slip away.
  • Go upstairs and knock on the right toilet cubicle. Lily will come out to talk to you.
  • Go to the air vent on the right, open it with your screwdriver to sneak into the science lab. Go to the top-right corner and change the lesson plan to ROBOTICS.
  • Dr Danner will come in and catch you both and send you to study hall.

Kindergarten 2 - Things That Go Boom Storyline Guide


  • Say nothing when Dr Danner berates you. Use one of your apples to skip ahead and he’ll fall asleep.
  • Go upstairs and enter the girls’ bathroom. The creepy Janitor is in there. He’ll send you off to do his job, either using the spray bottle or the toilet paper. Carla will do the other job.
  • Once you’ve done that, return to the girls’ bathroom and the Janitor will tell you he put it in his closet.
  • Go downstairs, enter the janitors’ closet and get the device.
  • Return to the downstairs classroom, sit in your original seat and skip ahead.
  • Pay the lab fee and go to science class.

Science Lab

  • Talk to Carla, then talk to Monty and ask him if he can deactivate the device. He will, if Carla will date him.
  • Talk to Carla again and ask her if she’ll date Monty. She begrudgingly agrees. Talk to Monty again and he’ll give you the deactivated device.
  • Place the device on the pedestal then press the red button. It’ll get crushed and the day will end.

For completing this storyline you’ll get the key item [CARLA’S LASER BOMB] and the [OFAKA TORNADO] Monstermon card.

Kindergarten 2 - Things That Go Boom Storyline Guide

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