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Colonies are settlements that contain the population of one of the primary combatant factions and are the main source of economic wealth for a commander, proving Energy, Knowledge, Food and Production. A commander’s starting colony is placed in the sector where its ship makes planetfall. Additional colonies can be founded using a colonizer or taken from other factions.

Colonies produce resources in two ways. Flat income originates from buildings and resource nodes and does not scale with the number of colonists. Per colonist income however originates from each colonist assigned to a resource type.

Annexing a colony belonging to another faction unlocks that faction’s tech tree for research.


Colonists are population units that determine the size of a colony.

The total number of resource slots in a colony determines the natural growth limit. By Annexing additional Sector and producing Buildings you can increase the number of Resource Slots. If by special circumstance a colony has more colonists then resource slots, the remaining colonists will become idle. Idle colonists cost upkeep, but do not generate any income.

Colonists have an upkeep cost of both Happiness and Food, so care must be taken not to grown a colony too fast, as that can lead to Rioters and Starvation.

Colonists have an upkeep cost of 2 Food and 1 Happiness. If the food income of the colony drops below 0 in the colonist growth pool a colonist will starve and be removed from the colony.


Through negative Happiness and hostile covert ops some colonists can become rioters. Rioters remain in their assigned resource slot but do not produce any upkeep and cannot be moved.

Rioters can be pacified by raising Happiness back to a positive value. For every 20 accumulated happiness one rioter will removed. Rioters can also be removed by imposing Martial Law at the cost of economic penalties.

Colony Center

The colony center is the heart of the colony. It is where the colonists live and units and buildings are produced. The Colony Center has a number of inherent economic upgrades to get your economy started independent of annexed sectors. When the colony center is taken over by an enemy all annexed sectors are lost with it.

Each colony sector can have a limited number of sectors annexed to the colony as provinces. To be annexed the sector must be located within two sectors of the colony center as well as being adjacent to another sector of that same colony. The number of provinces a colony can have depends on the number of colonists:

Colonists / Colony size / Max provinces

  • 1-5 / Outpost – 1
  • 6-10 / Town – 2
  • 11-15 / City – 3
  • 16+ / Metropolis – 4

Annexing a sector is done by moving a unit onto the sector flag and choosing the “Annex Sector as Province to Colony” button.

Province exploitation

After a sector has been annexed as a province it needs be exploited by selecting one of the four economic types: Energy, Food, Production or Research. Province exploitation adds one colonist slot of the selected type immediately. Once an exploitation type has been chosen a province can increase in level after level boost buildings are built in the colony center. In addition each exploited province can construct one sector specialization building.

Landmark sectors have a preset exploitation type.

Colony Defense

During colony defense battles the defenders will always start on high ground. In addition to garrisoning units colonies can defended by a number of colony upgrades.

Colony Militia buildings spawn units that only appear during battles when the colony center or the bases of its province bases are attacked. Colony Militia Units can’t be moved freely on the map and are replenished at the start of the next turn. Colony Militia buildings can be upgraded to spawn more and higher tier units.

Turret buildings spawn 4 turrets that only appear during battles when the colony center and fire automatically fire at the start of each combat round. The turrets of each race use different damage channels.

Turret / Damage channels

  • Vanguard Repeater Turret – Kinetic, Heavy Impact
  • Dvar Bombard – Heavy Impact, 1 Hex AoE, Single Shot
  • Kir’ko Hive Guard Turret – Biochemical, Repeating, Melt Armor
  • Syndicate Suppressor Tower – Psionic, Broken Mind, Armor Bypass, Repeating
  • Assemly Arc Coil – Arc, Jump Targeter, Static Charge
  • Amazon Laser Turret – Laser, Repeating, Shield Overheat

Independent Outposts

At the start of a game various independent outposts may be found scattered on the planet. Independent outposts can be taken through force or by spending Influence. When an independent outpost is acquired it will bring the option to annex it, turn it unto a colonizer or have its population absorbed into a nearby colony.

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