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The Psi fish were encountered as the Star Union expanded its hyperspace network. A new age of space travel dawned when scientists discovered a way to artificially create spatial rifts. Launching sub- FTL ships carrying massive Gravity-Bombs, G-Bombs for short, additional rifts were opened in systems with resource rich worlds. Once connected to the Nexus, these bridgeheads led to the discovery of further natural rifts and the Union’s extension started to explode as new areas of space were discovered and chartered each day. During that time, first contact was made with a sentient alien life form, a race called the Kir’ko, which the Union eventually subjugated, and the first sightings of the otherworldly Psi-fish were recorded in deep space. After the collapse of the Star Union, Psi-fish sightings became more frequent on surviving planets. They’ve been the bane of many colonies, and often like to hang out on Cosmite Nodes.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Psi-fish Faction

The species

The Psi-Fish are a highly intelligent species with an otherworldly mindset and a strong instinctual drive to propagate and evolve. Their psionic power manifests naturally for them through their connection to the Void.

The Psi-Fish Host is a daunting sight as it moves across the world. They levitate gracefully through the air (or vacuum) with a threatening calm. Their psionic power radiates off of them in waves, felt even by those not psionically gifted.

Their evolution is unique: Each step of their evolution process, from the seedling Chrysalis to the imposing Medusa, fulfils a different function in the Psi-Fish shoal. Together they act as a singular force, capturing their prey and using them to nurture their offspring as they grow ever stronger.

The effect on their targets is proper sci-fi horror material. But the Psi-fish are not evil, they are curious, intelligent creatures who can be negotiated with. Their horrific acts are generally the result of the many misunderstandings associated with inter-dimensional contact. Use diplomacy and convince them you’re not fish-food.

The bonds mechanic

Psi-fish have the ability to Bond with other creatures with the strength and effect type depending on the particular Psi-fish unit. The effect is always positive Psi-fish, while the effect for the target, can uhmm… vary. The casting creature can once per turn, to change the target of its Bond. If the Psi-fish is staggered, the Bond is cancelled.

The effect can be positive or negative for the receiving creature. The other side cannot do anything about being Bound, save staggering or using anti-status effect abilities. As some form of relief, a unit cannot be the target of multiple Psi-fish Bonds at the same time.


  • Crysalis: The Chrysalis is the fetal stage of the Psi-fish. The Siren can impregnate and cocoon biological units, which then turn into the Chrysalis in 2 turns. After the Chrysalis is matured, it can evolve into a Spawn.
  • Spawn: The Spawn is the infant form of the Psi-fish. Burst forth from a Chrysalis when it has grown, it floats across the world in swarms surrounding the more mature Psi-fish creatures. They have medium ranged mental attacks that it uses to take out their prey’s mind, rending them vulnerable. Their Fascinating Bond ability blocks enemies from performing actions except move.
  • Hunter: This creature is a nightmare. Considered the most powerful Tier II unit in the game. The Hunter is a fast moving, agile creature that shoots through the air, homing in on its prey. It is capable of linking its mind with its prey, stunning it before moving in for the kill. The Hunter can evolve into a Siren.
  • Siren: These are unsettling presences to behold as they fly through the air. The Siren has an enticing call, which it uses to lure its enemies closer before implanting them with one of its eggs. When it attached its mind to another creature, that creature knows its end is nearby.
  • Medusa: The Medusa is a huge and awe-inspiring sight. The vast amount of Psionic power needed to keep it floating radiate off of it in waves. To look at it directly is to look into the face of Insanity. It changes it temperament at an instant, able to soothe its allies at one moment, and to unless massive Psionic power to its foes the next.


Psi-fish are otherworldly fish, living in an upside-down waterfall. Their dwellings are always located at sea. Maybe this environment is resembling their home most.

Their units float across to land just as easily. So if you pick a fight with them, you’d better have a navy, ideally a psionically protected navy, that can damage ethereal beings. Good luck!

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