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Spacers are gangs of raiders, who roam the ruined worlds of the Star Union looking for anything of value. They originate from the Star Union’s mega city masses that were kept in check with limitless virtual entertainment and nutrients laced with pacifying chemicals. After the Collapse brought the population violently back to reality, they were left to survive in a devastated and lawless universe.

The strongest, craziest and most ruthless survivors formed tribal gangs. They fill their days with raiding, debauchery and perverse rituals as a replacement for numbing bliss the Union once provided.

Not all humanity has left the Spacers though. They can be negotiated with; their NPC quest lines allow them to restore somewhat of a civil society and join your colonies.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Spacers Faction


The design of the Spacers combines elements of post-apocalyptic raiders and some form of a twisted VR gamer culture. Although the ultra violent (and likely other obscenities) VR world their ancestors inhabited has been offline for generations, elements are still embedded in their language, culture and religion.


Spacer units are highly reckless and aggressive and reply on buffing and explosive AoE damage. Spacer units carry effigies. When a unit dies, they drop this totem-like object, marking the place of the unit’s death. Other Spacers get rallied by Effigies, as these static “unit” automatically buffs one of friendly units every turn, granting a +25% boost on damage for that turn. The effect of the effigy can be boosted even further.

  • Pschyo: The fearless Frontline maniacs of the Spacers. They rush the battle field with an improvised mace in hand. Its Berserk Chemicals give Fast Movement and Damage out put of +25%. (which can be further buffed by effigies)
  • Truck: The assault cavalry of the Spacers. A pickup truck with scavenged guns welded to its bed. Reckless Crash is a melee attack with high impact stagger and knock back on light units. When in a tight spot the drivers will blow the truck up in a big explosion, it will blow up when it HP reach zero too. Unbeknownst to the drivers, they won’t re-spawn as in the virtual words of old.
  • Melter: This disfigured mutant, wants everything to look as horrific as himself. It has a precision -and AoE corrosive attack called Acid Bath.
  • Hellcopter: This improvised aircraft drops burning high explosives on enemies and has make shift laser good at taking out other aircraft. Its Crash Down passive means will seek out a nearby enemy and crash on top of it when its shot down.
  • Junk ship: The spacers don’t limit their raids to land… Has the ability to board (commandeer) other ships.
  • Prophet: One of the craziest units in the game. Its madden rant causes psi damage by passing armor and has can lead to broken minds and insanity. It can debuff enemies with mark of the Effigy. Making it easier to hit and making the target drop a Spacer Effigy on death. Its Effigy Hysterics ability will boost the Damage bonus of all effigies on the map. When it gets killed it leaves a Power Vacuum. All Spacer infantry types get the Power Grip ability which allow them to become the new Prophet if they reach its carcass.


Spacer dwellings are large shanty towns. But they have some very useful gear for players seeking to establish friendly relation with them.

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