Pavlov VR – Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide

The beginners guide to Trouble In Terrorist Town in Pavlov VR.


Hi! This is the guide for the TTT Pavlov mod. Please note this is for the New TTT mod not the old one.

Entering A Game

Joining A Game

To join a TTT game you need to enter a certain type of map instead of gamemode. The most popular current TTT maps are:

  • NewMC City TTT
  • ttt_town
  • NewDolls TTT

The TTT mod utilises maps instead of gamemodes.

Hosting A Game

When hosting a game use these settings:

  • Map: TTT map, (obv)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Game Time: 45min

For a TTT game you need at least 3 people although its highly recommended that you have more people.


After the PreRound everyone will become one of three characters, you can check by looking at your right wrist, this is also where health and round time remaining is displayed.


The most basic character, they aren’t special and very abundant.
The innocent should try to defend themselves or befriend the Detective without looking like a Traitor.


There can only be one Detective in the game and they can be identified easily as they shine bright blue. The Detective can buy special gear to aid the Innocents and find the Traitors. You can open the special gear menu by opening the mod “leaderboard” and clicking the “open shop” button.

Detective gear

  • Handheld Traitor Tester – This can identify traitors by holding it and clicking on a player
  • Radar – Pings all players in the map every 20 seconds, not too useful for the Detective unless not many people are left
  • Medkit – Heals people (obv)
  • Armor – Armor for the detective


The enemy of TTT, the traitors have to try and kill all the Innocents and the Detective.

Just like the Detective, Traitors can also buy special gear to help kill the Innocents or to avoid detection. You can open the special gear menu the same way as the Detective

Traitor Gear

  • C4 – Deny access to the Innocents by planting an undefusable bomb with a 45 second fuse.
  • Radar – Pings all players in the map every 20 seconds.
  • Knife – A single use knife that can silently kill an Innocent.
  • Teleporter – You can set a waypoint and use the teleporter to teleport to that waypoint, useful to evade enemies.

Basic Rules And Tips


DON’T RDM, although someone can infuriate you please try to resist the urge to RDM.
If you get RDM’ed by somebody instead of revenge RDM’ing them vote kick and tell everyone that their a RDM’ing scumbag.

(I am guilty of this, just putting it out there… :/)


It’s recommended that you use a mic, Most HMD’s come with mics so there’s no reason not to use it.

Detective’s Order

If a detective gives you an order its recommended that you follow it, if the detective wants to test you then let him (unless you’re a traitor) If you don’t follow a detectives order it will look suspicious and therefore it allows the detective to kill you. Although the detective can order you around, don’t let the detective kill you if you haven’t been following orders. If you’re a trusted innocent (passed traitor test, killed a traitor) then you shouldn’t have to follow orders as it wont look suspicious as you’re trusted.


Obviously don’t take the game too seriously and have a laugh with the other people in the server.


Basic guide for weapons in TTT

(This is not based on how good the weapons are in the game this is how they hold up in TTT, from my own personal experiences.)

  • 1911 – Only use if you have nothing else
  • Glock – Don’t use
  • Deagle – Use to quickly take out an enemy with a quick point blank range headshot
  • Revolver – Russian Roulette anyone??
  • Five Seven – Alright Backup Weapon
  • Uzi – Good backup weapon
  • UMP45 – Good if you cant find a rifle
  • Sawed Off – OP! Get two, they’re the only gun you’ll ever need (devs pls don’t nerf)
  • M590 – Worst of the shotguns, still ok if you can get a headshot
  • Spaz 12 – Good shotgun
  • M4 – Best rifle in TTT
  • AUG – good replacement for M4
  • AK12 – Bad rifle , UMP45 is better
  • P90 – Good if you cant find a rifle
  • MP5 – Good if you cant find a rifle
  • PPBizon- Bad, don’t bother
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