Killsquad – Items and Secondary Effects Guide (Kosmo)

A guide that lists all Kosmo items, their effects and the secondary effects you can meet in the game.

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Kosmo Weapons & Secondary Effects


Grants an activable which spawns an area that blocks enemies for 5 seconds. Has a cooldown of 12 seconds.


Apply burn damage to enemies hit by your Stampede for 5 seconds, dealing 30 damage every 1.0 seconds.


50% chance to spawn a bigger damage area.

Abyssal destruction

20% chance to spawn an explosion that deals 300 damage to naerby enemies.


  • 30% chance to spawn a burning area that does 50 damage every 0.5 seconds, during 3 seconds.
  • +400 extra armor.


Increases Overshield max capacity by 500.


20% chance to spawn a spark that jumps 3 times dealing 300 each time.


Every 3 basic attacks the next basic attack will do 200% more damage.

Rackat’s bulwark

+60% damage reduction while performing WhirlWind.


20% chance to spawn a wildfire that spins around you and does 80 to enemies and slows them down to 50% of their speed for 2 seconds.

Staff of the plague

You will lose -200 life every 2 seconds up to 30% of your max life.

  • +2000 extra max life.
  • +60% lifesteal.

Kosmo’s Secondary Effects


If you hit 3 or more targets with your basic attack, you will have +50% damage bonus in your next basic attack.

Upgraded stomp

Stomp damage increased by 40%.

Upgraded Berserk taunt

Berserk taunt buff damage increased by 40%.

Stomp CD reduction

Stomp cooldown 2 seconds reduced.

Berserk taunt CD reduction

Berserk taunt cooldown 2 seconds reduced.

Keep it simple

If you hit only one target with your basic attack, you will have a 60% chance of +20% damage bonus for your next basic attack.

Stun first, attack later

Stunned enemies received more damage 50% from basic attacks.

Upgraded Whirlwind

Whirlwind damage increased by 50%.

Whirlwind CD reduction

Whirlwind cooldown 2 seconds reduced.

Kosmo’s Secondary Effects (Support Gears)

Extra overshield capacity

+65% max. Kosmo’s Overshield capacity.

Extra berserk duration

Berserk lasts 4 extra seconds.

Kosmo’s Secondary Effects (Prototypes Gears)

Enemy damage reduction

-30% attack damage to enemies hitted by Kosmo’s Stomp during 5 seconds.

Enemy speed reduction

If you hit enemies with Stomp, gain +50% movement speed during 6 seconds.

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