Monster Hunter: World – Ranking Monsters (from Easiest to Hardest)

It works for a longsword users, so your opinion might differ depending on the weapon you use.

This guide is not included tempered and arch-tempered monsters.

The Ranking of the Monsters of Monster Hunter: World

All credit goes to ZH Yōkai!

35. Great Jagras

The definition of “punching bag”.

34. Great Girros

The second definition of “punching bag”. The only difference is that the environment where it’s fought is harmful.

33. Kulu-Ya-Ku

The only problem with Kulu is that your weapon can bounce off if you hit its rock, other than that it’s a punching bag as well.

32. Jyuratodus

You fight it around water and mud, thus you’re slower. It makes Jyuratodus a bit harder than the Great Duo and Kulu.

31. Pukei-Pukei

One of the very first monsters to be fought, but it can poison you and has a couple of attacks. Still easy, but not as much as 35-32.

30. Tzitzi-Ya-Ku

This one can flash and hit you for free, but till then you will have taken a nap. The only problem with Tzitzi is that it’s jumping around a lot.

29. Barroth

A rushing tank. You can bounce off a lot and it can be a bit harder to hit when fought for the first time.

28. Dodogama

How did it end up in the final location with elder dragons?

27. Tobi-Kadachi

I believe I can fly…

26. Lavasioth

Would calling it a reskin of Jyuratodus be offensive?

25. Radobaan

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling… Just a little bit annoying, not difficult.

24. Paolumu

Basically a punching bag until it’s at its lair or starts flying.

23. Legiana

Can debuff your stamina and flies a lot too, a little bit harder than all previous monsters.

22. Anjanath

Considered to be the first real threat in the story mode. Personally, I disagree. It keeps charging blindly and that’s basically it.

21. Rathian

A female version of Rathalos. Not too much of a difference, but it’s slower than the counterpart.

20. Rathalos

Bring flashpods and it can be as easy as Great Jagras.

19. Pink Rathian

A more aggressive version of the standard Rathian. Don’t get hit by its tail and you should be alright.

18. Azure Rathalos

It just won’t get down. Bring flashpods and it’s gonna be at Jagras’ level, just like the whole Rath(ian/alos) family.

17. Uragaan

If you play without flashpods, he’s probably easier than the mentioned family, but this one has some Bazelgeuse genes and overall is a more annoying version of Radobaan.

16. Bazelgeuse

There’s only one thing you need to know. Install a mod to change its roar into “REEEE” or pay the price…

15. Diablos

Can be hard for the first time, but you’ll eventually get used to its patterns.

14. Vaal Hazak

Its normal version is a joke. The god of death is clearly dying.

13. Black Diablos

Female counterpart to Diablos. Spams attacks more and has a less predictable “sand-burial”.

12. Xeno’jiiva

Looks nice and isn’t the easiest in the game, but not hard either. Crazy amount of HP can cause you to fall asleep and fail the quest.

11. Kushala Daora

Flashpods and it won’t be that hard.

10. Kirin

Kirin is gonna open the top ten. The regular version is pretty slow, but getting used to its patterns is somewhat different.

9. Deviljho

If it eats you alive, then you must know… you’re in a pickle.

8. Kulve Taroth

A female Great Jagras?… Take its clothing off the skin, break the horns and you’re done. The last phase can be a bit hard and breaking horns for melee weapon users is not most comfortable thing either.

7. Leshen

Not really hard, but time-taking. It’s a Witcher crossover quest and the only problem is that you have to use pretty weak loadouts.

6. Nergigante

The one that eats elder dragons. This is the first actual “wall” in the story mode from my personal experience. Fighting it for the first time can be challenging due to its one attack.

5. Teostra

The hardest story skirmish. You need to have flashpods to react to its strongest attack, but even then you might run out of you time and die eventually. If you fail the quest a couple of times in a row, don’t worry. Beat it and get your satisfaction.

4. Lunastra

Female counterpart of Teostra. Whose idea was it? If it weren’t for the Ancient Leshen, it would’ve easily been the worst designed fight in the game. Witness on your own, Teostra is a joke compared to Lunastra.

3. Behemoth

The Final Fantasy crossover quest. Hard to solo and doesn’t forgive too many mistakes. Made for multiplayer and hard to do with randoms.

2. Ancient Leshen

The worst fight in the game, hands down. It’s not hard because it’s “hard”, it’s “hard” because it’s unbelievably cheap. Unfun and should be somehow reworked in Iceborne.

1. Extreme Behemoth

The hardest fight in the game. Only one mistake per phase is allowed and basically impossible with randoms.

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