Deep Rock Galactic – Barrel Ball Guide

How to be the best Barrel-Ball dwarf around.


All credit goes to Len Kagamine!

So, you want that sweet sweet achievement? Or did you just stumble upon this guide randomly? Welp, either way, im gonna teach you the ins and outs of our dwarves second favorite pass-time, barrel ball!

The Game

Barrel ball is a simple game, you kick a barrel into a moving hoop. However: There are some things some people might miss about the game.

  • 1: The hoop will change speeds when it hits the LEFT border. Moving right then back left is 1 cycle.
  • 2: Red barrels appear every 5th barrel, they are worth more points
  • 3: Scoring barrels in a row will net you x2,x3, and even x4 points.
  • 4: Failing to score a barrel with a combo before the basket completes a “cycle” will drop your combo.
  • 5. The barrel bounces once upon landing, be careful, as this may throw off your aim!

The Achievement

The achievement spoken about in this guide is called “If only I got paid for this…” Which tasks you with getting 3000 points within 100 kicks, so lets break that down and give you some tips.

How to Do It

  • Tip 1: Every 5th barrel will net you either 15,50,100, or ?150? points. Don’t miss them; and try to get the barrel before in.
  • Tip 2: The basket will only change speed when it hits the Left side. So use that to judge when you should kick the barrel.
  • Tip 3: At its slowest speed, you should kick just when it starts to turn around. At its fastest, aim slightly left and kick when it hits the middle.
  • Tip 4: Its virtually impossible to get 2 baskets in a row if its moving at its fastest both times, better to lose a combo then lose a kick.
  • Tip 5: Keep those fractions in order, if you don’t have 1000 points by the 33rd kick, reset. Same with 1500 and 50, as well as 2000 and 66.
  • Tip 6: Reset sooner rather than later, if you miss 3+ of your first 10, reset. Same if you miss both of your first few red barrels.
  • Tip 7: Make sure that you reset on a red barrel; This will maintain that after your 4th kick, your next one will be red. This maximizes the amount of red barrels you get, as your last shot will be a red barrel.
  • Tip 8: Only aim for when the hoop is moving left. That way you know its speed.
  • Tip 9: Keep your cool, don’t take your frustration out on the barrels, take it out down in the mines.
  • Tip 10: When in doubt, shoot early. The hoop will move to the left, so the rim will catch it and the momentum will push it in.
  • Tip 11: There’s no bonus for “swooshing” the barrel, but doing so does net you style points to your friends.
  • Tip 12: Try and get all 10 of the first 10 in, this will net you a decent start.

That’s all, and good luck in the mines.

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