I Love You, Colonel Sanders! – How to Impress Colonel Sanders and Professor Dog

A short guide on how to pick the correct answers to impress Colonel Sanders and Professor Dog.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Guides:

Impressing Colonel Sanders and Professor Dog

When you manage to impress Colonel Sander, there will be pink hearts popping out from him.

Chapter 1

When Professor Dog is hungry, give him a Chicken Snack.

Choose to sit next to Colonel Sanders.

Pop Quiz

  • Extremely.
  • Feather.
  • Spork.
  • Anything with love.
  • Best boi.

Chapter 3

Be modest and thoughtful.

Mashed potato and gravy.

Fight the Spork Monster then spare his life.

Chapter 5

Telling Mirina the fake or real ingredient somewhat does not affect future story.

Run into Colonel on a horse then compliment his horse’s shoes.

Chapter 6

Step up and tell them: You are on!


  • 100*C water
  • Eleven herbs
  • Gratitude
  • A small town
  • Silence

Internalize the rage you feel.

Chapter 7

Revealing or keeping your recipe as a secret does not affect future story

Step up and Confess your feelings after wearing Colonel’s jacket.

Chapter 8

Flatter him.

Chapter 9

Give Professor Dog your homework.

Fess up about your practice dish.

Chapter 10

Do it the hard way.

Summon your extra power.


Colonel’s heart will pop out one more time after he confesses to you.

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